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The need to travel is for whom has a need to know the truth about life.

Life is short. Thinking we will all live to the old age and in good health is nothing but an assumption. Don’t expect retirement and don’t expect living another day, waking up with all you had the day before. It is truly a blessing.


Figure out what you would do if you were to die tomorrow and take action, start doing it, don’t wait for tomorrow, it may never come.

Go against the opinions of other people. They are only cheap commodities and their truth is something that is focused upon that becomes more. The more it becomes, the more people gather around. So it is rendered irrelevant.

Remember there’s no such thing as job security.

You can be fired for any reason at any time. So either you start building your own dream and fulfilling your own life or somebody else’s. Choose wisely.

You can and will fail in doing what you hate or don’t like. So you might as well take a chance in doing what you love, even if you fail.


Be brave, embrace the unknown. Don’t be scared going without a plan to witness the flow of events especially when you do it on your own, like traveling alone. Only then you’ll realise how easy is make friends, how approachable people are and how easily they will offer to help. Don’t be afraid to break the ice when meeting people. People are equally kind everywhere you go. You will learn so much from the strangers and occasions, something you can never learn while being in your everyday routine in the comfort of your familiar environment.

We all have our own path, trust the gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever it is. As having faith in it will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if you get derailed, having faith will get you back on your path. But it will make all the difference and magic of unknown.

It may make no sense at the time why you are attracted to something so different and why you choose to do what you choose, but it will make perfect sense when looking back one day. Just trust the universe. It speak to us and is trying to direct us all the time, we just need to learn to listen and translate it to our language.


Dream BIG, but BIG, and ask for direction, ask for help. Your wish is my command, so if you ask for nothing, you get nothing. You ask for the world, you’ll receive the world. The world is our oyster. People are kind everywhere you go. There is no shortage of kindness, generosity, love, respect.

Realise you are the creator of your life. You must be in control of your own destiny. The only thing that you believe is stopping you from achieving your goals are nothing but excuses and the only person standing between you and your dreams is YOU.

Yes, life is too short and you have only one chance to make it right.



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