Life's too short to feel like crap

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Do you love your life?

Do you love your partner, your family, your children?

Do you like your job?

Do you like your house? Places where you live and hang around?

Do you like the choices you make every day?

Or are you bored?

Bored with your life, bored with your friends, the same old stories, the same old places, same old shit?


You need to wake up to the fact you CAN have it all!

Or just be bored forever.

We live in a goldfish time, we can’t concentrate for long. Scary or not, that’s true. We are simply easily bored. We are being forever distracted and we look for anything to entertain us, spending hours watching TV or are on social networks, not realizing we are really wasting time. We feel we don’t have a choice and therefore we must “dive out heads in the sand” not to feel the boredom. While it is not true at all. This is just an easy way out. The hard one, and that’s why so many people don’t choose it, it’s to take responsibility for it and look for ways to change it. It doesn’t necessarily require much effort, but it requires a commitment. Commitment! And that’s where we fail, as we can’t be bothered to commit. We say we will, but after first two tries, all the promises are gone, down the drain. It is same old 1st January resolution syndrome and result.

That’s why we remain in bad relationships forever, bad jobs, meeting same old friends we don’t care that much about anyway, even eat same rubbish over and over. We can’t be bothered to make that little change at a time, break that little bad habit. Just a tiny little step at a time. We can’t be bothered to leave our comfort zone, overcome our laziness and often even not to prioritise our huge ego for once.

But how much time do we really have???


How much time do you have to fix something that is broken, nonfunctional or meaningless? How much time to improve? To pursue your dreams, to achieve your goals and just to live?

I’ve been deeply touched by the earthquake in central Italy a few weeks ago, place where I also lived for many years. Still vividly remember the earthquake in 2009, again in the same zone, L'Aquila, and at the time I was also waking up at night with massive shakes in the house and remember the horrible noise coming from the ground and being scared like never before. Seeing people losing it all in such disaster makes me particularly wonder what would those people give for yet another “I love you” from someone they loved and lost, for another kiss or kind touch, another opportunity to hug them, for a goodbye, or even „sorry, please forgive me“… something they thought they’d have time to do tomorrow or next time.

But, unfortunately, there is NO next time for many of them.

So how much time do we have for a change to live better, healthier, to try harder, to educate ourselves, to make up or break up, to be a better kinder person, and to go for it all and live to our full potential?


I just could not live with the fact I died with my unfulfilled dreams and they died with me, that I was too scared to pursue them or waited for a miracle, which was never coming. I felt like I must do something now. That while I am alive I still have a chance, that the game is still on, something so many unfortunate people didn't have. And I am so grateful and thankful I found my mentors that woke me up!!! that help me all the way to stay alerted and aware of my potential, of the importance of my own goals, the happiness and the contribution that it can bring to this world. I am grateful they woke me up to realise that life is too short to feel like crap

And if you want to WAKE UP to feel real freedom, don't hesitate any longer. The clock is ticking.



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R.I.P. all the victims of the earthquake in Italy and deep condolences to the people that lost their loved ones, my heart, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


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