Have you ever been LOST

That can be in many things. It could be lost in the sense of where you wanted to be  in life at this stage of your journey but you are not there! It could be that you have been physically lost as in not knowing where you are. 

Talk about building CHARACTER you don't know how many challenges and adversities you go through when you have this happen to you.

 It has happened to me growing up in Northern Ontario and spending many hours in the bush hunting and Fishing.

One Particular hunting trip I was hunting deer with 4 other guys, we were all dropped off at different locations and were supposed to meet at a set time at a predetermined location.

Off I went into the bush looking for deer sign and keeping watch for my buddies hopefully  knowing where they were so as to not shoot in that direction. 

After a few hours  things started to look strange to me and I could not find my way back to the road that I was supposed to meet the other guys, that's when panic steps in and you do not think straight, you start to sweat and be confused. 

I had to sit myself down and calm down and think my way out of this situation, it was now about 5 hours since I was dropped off.

 I  started to take a reading with my compass knowing that I went south when I entered the bush, so now I started heading north being careful to maintain a straight line by choosing certain objects from one to another to keep my path straight.undefined

After about an hour I found the road that I was looking for but did not know where the truck was parked along the road. I started walking on the road and about 15 minutes later  found some other hunters on the road.

They took me in there truck along the road until we found the one I came in and my friends were there waiting for me. I was very relieved to finally find them.

I was the receiver of a number of  comments (friendly) about being lost, from my friends for quite a long time after the event.

Whenever we went hunting again they of course offered to tag along with me to make sure I didn't get lost again.

It was an experience I would not want to repeat, that was about 50 years ago and the memory is still vivid in my mind. 

Today with the GPS systems that we now have and the cell phone with locators in them it would be much simpler to keep in touch while hunting.

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