Mentoring- why should you get a mentor?

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In previous blogs. I have mentioned collaboration. Mentoring takes the relationship further.


As a protégé, protegee or mentee of the mentor, the mentor takes you under their wing. To some extent is a trusting relationship which can help in motivating or exploring your business options. It has communication and feedback as its cores! Mentors stimulate your senses to inspire you to do better with wisdom, knowledge. and experience of the mentor!

Techniques the mentor can use are:

·         Standing with the mentee taking part in the learning process

·         Sowing seeds

·         Provoking a different way of learning

·         Actually showing techniques

·         Nurturing by providing the debrief for learning opportunities

The mentor should be able to recognize when each technique is applicable and has to tailor it to the mindset of the mentee! The mentor needs to recognize the opportunities as they arise and have good communication technique.

In most instances the answers to questions the mentee has can be garnered from the mentee by a question and answer drill down process such as the 5 whys… ie ask the mentee why five times after hearing each answer. The mentee and mentor relationship is dependent on trust!

Mentors and mentees also have to realize their limitations as they may not come from the same type of business. In those instances, the mentee might have to have seeks two or three mentors dependent on their needs! i.e

Peer professional group mentors
Trade mentor
Internal mentors
Process mentors
Technology mentors
The first time I really discovered mentors was at toastmasters and that taught me the aspects of mentoring. I applied that to my business practice and am seen as a trusted advisor. That has and is a privilege! I am also a mentee and am privileged to have had some good roles models as mentors! I also consider my business partner as a mentor.


For the mentor-mentee relationship to work, you must be open to new ideas… ego needs to be parked!
Since we joined the SFM online community we have had many mentors and many of them were just regular people who have found their niche and were willing to share their experiences. We know what its like to work for ourselves and on our own. We much prefer being in a community of people willing to share ideas and help us to succeed. If you need this you need a mentor. Or you may need to join a group and find a mentor within it.

We value feedback. Tell us about your mentoring experiences or ask us more about mentoring. 

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