Tip 1 on Motivation Jen and Jim The Rock 93 FM Radio Presenters and Journalists

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Jen Bainbridge’s top tip is to live your dream to motivate yourself each morning! While Jim Crawthorn motivation is to make people laugh!


I caught up with Jen and Jim at the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika.

Jen as a mother is motivated by living the dream and getting up each morning to be able to have her family around and still have a dream job for a nationwide radio show! Being a woman is about being everything you want to be and this is the role model for her daughter.

Jim want's to make people laugh and look at the positive things. He gets up each morning trying make people laugh and if he has succeeded in that he is living the dream.




Jen Bainbridge takes over on-air from 10:00am – midday fronting the 'Rock Workdays' show and Jim Crawthorn does midday - 3pm which is mainly request-based.

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