My First Vacation!!

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I worked for 6 months, after that I went on vacation for 6 weeks. I bought plenty of gifts to my family. I stayed in Caracas with my sisters. I apply for my tourist visa for the Unites States and it was approved.

I went to visit my mother in Barinas.   Time passed very quickly and I must go back to work on the Cruise Ship. As usual, was very sad to say goodbye to my family, but life goes on and I must continue it. I flew to Miami again. Now I must work in another Cruise Ship.

The Cruise was von Miami to The Bahamas, only 4 days’ cruise. The majority at the desk were new people and another Chief Purser. Everybody was nice and helpful. The Hotel Manager was a woman, who was very strict with Mistake. We really had to be good at was we were doing. We always had to smile and be very friendly with people the guest were always right and we had to keep them happy.

Nassau the capital city of the Bahamas boasts miles of spectacular beaches and stretches of vivid coral reefs perfect for snorkeling, shop, dine, sightsee.  Always that we had free we went to the beach, eating, enjoying the city. I really enjoyed The Bahamas, it is a very nice place to go on vacation.

At the end of 2000, I finished my second contract and I decided not to come back to work at the Cruise Ship the next six months. I decided to go to Germany to learn German because I wanted to apply for another position at the Cruise Ship but I must know German, so I did not fly to Venezuela. I flew to New York where a friend of mine war living and working.

I spent Christmas there and In January I decided to leave New York and went to Basel, Switzerland. Two very nice friends of mine were living there. They told me that I could learn German there also, so I apply for a student visa and they gave me it.

Once I was there I fall in love with this country and with my ex-husband. Switzerland is a small country situated in the heart of Central Europe and shares a lot of it is history and of it is culture (four national’s languages spoken in different regions) with its neighbors Germany, France, Italy and Austria.

After a while, we decided to get married. I traveled to Venezuela to do all the papers and came back to marry.  We got married and decided to have kids. We have a son.


Hope to inspire you in some way

If you think something is possible it is, all you need is to hear your heart and take action.


To be continued………


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