PERCEIVE: Come to Realize or Understand 30 of 65

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Whoa, picking this happiness card has me get thoughtful. Coming from ‘perceive’ using the context (read more here) of transformation for these 65 happiness cards (see below), I can share about one particular distinction introduced to us in the Landmark Forum which I completed in 1993.

If you read their syllabus, you will find one labeled:


Wow, what an eye opener for myself when I perceived that I was unlovable, based on 3

Significant moments that happened in my childhood (read story here). I perceived that I was UNLOVEABLE.

I so remember saying to myself, no wonder I……

I saw that all these perceptions I had about myself were all made up by me when I was young and that perhaps I was mistaken?!

Anyway, I can declare that these perceptions of me have certainly been transformed over the years and that I am truly living a life which I love and living it powerfully, (one of the outcomes promised at the completion of the Self Expression and Leadership program which I have completed twice).

PERCEIVE Become Aware or Conscious of (something)

 Another distinction in the syllabus is:


Yes, I certainly did become conscious of my Chinese mother truly loving me after I had looked at my “already always listening” about my mother. Before my landmark Forum, even before my mother opened her mouth, I had already formed a sense of how my mum relates to me. Read full story here called “listening for the gold” .

If you can imagine this 30 year old man called Charles Crawshaw , reflecting on his life and noticing this perception; that his parents didn’t love him as much as his younger high achiever brother Felix! I can declare today that that perception has completely disappeared!



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