Personality Type: INFJ

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Hello. I would like to share with you some information about personality types. In1943 The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs, and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. Its purpose is indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them, and how they make decisions based on that.


 The first questionnaire was published in 1943 in the United States, by the mother and daughter team. Katharine was first inspired to start researching Personality Type Theory when she first met Clarence Myers, Isabel's future husband. Mama must have seen something in him truly special!

 There are 16 Personality types


4 Fundamental Personality types or temperments

1. Sanguine- Enthusiastic, Active & Social

2.Choleric-Short Tempered, Fast or Irritable

3.Melancholic- Analytical, Wise,& Quiet

4.Phlegmatic- Relaxed and Peacefull 

INFJ'S are the rarest personality type in the whole population( after INTJ and ENTJ) Least common type among men, and 3rd least common among women. 2 % of women and 1% of men.

I- Introverted N- Intuitive F- Feeling J-Judging

Introverted is Energized by Quiet time. Intuitive sees Patterns and Possibilities. Feeling puts Peoples Emotions First. And Judging prefers Order and Structure.

I am an INFJ. Qualities and notable traits include A high level of integrity loyalty and dedication. Idealistic and nurturing, INFJ's are always trying to help people, lifting them up and assisting them to reach their own potential in life. They are deeply caring, a rooter for all underdogs in life and a vision for a better world, where we can all live in peace and prosperity.If INFJ'S decide to go Vegan it is probably for the ethical reasons, because we are driven by a overwhelming compassion for others, including animals.


INFJ'S are very Creative and appreciate the Arts and Music. They love to create, make and share beauty. We crave meaningful deep conversations about the existence of life and of the universe, and what makes us tick. Why are we here? What is my life's purpose? Yeah. Deep Diving! We do not always take criticism well and we are extremely sensitive. People tend to constantly remind you of this with phrases like " don't take it so personally" "You just need to get tougher skin" No. This is a part of my personality.

INFJ'S prefer to be with a small circle of close friends and loved ones, who are like minded. One on one conversations are the best, especially when you both can deep dive, and freely express yourself and all of your far-out ideas and theories.We would rather spend time alone doing what we are into than being fake. There is only so much you can take, and we are mostly loners. INFJ'S excel in situations where they have free control of where when and how they choose to operate.

I have found that being an INFJ when I became Vegan that my empathy for other lifeforms has skyrocketed. The mere thought of a dog tied up on a chair all day, or the thought of a pig unable to move freely, because it is trapped in a create its whole life until it is murdered, makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLANET???!!! The way people talk to each other with no respect or care for feelings, or what another has to deal with in their life. It literally hurts me, like a punch in my gut. I have to get away from people and be with my animals and books, paint and listen to my daughter laugh.undefined

 Be with my like-minded people. Be in my head where things are beautiful and colorful. Where love runs rampant and people are kind to one another and help the less fortunate, without complaining about what it is taking away from myself to help others attain a better quality of life. Being out in nature is a recharger. Being in the garden, getting my hands full of soil. Breathing in that wonderful Prana and most importantly being and expressing my gratefulness. By learning about myself, and how my mind relates and perceives things.I can, in turn, help others better.      

First get to know yourself, and love and accept yourself, no matter who you are.I let myself know that I am worthy of love, and everything that is good in this world. I am not flawed. I love myself and I have a unique personality, I am compassionate. I have much to offer. You are not alone. 


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