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I would have to say that most tensions arise from a simple break in communication. Although I completely understand this concept, subconciously, at times, it is still difficult to understand others perceptions when I am ANGRY. After failing time and time again reacting to others, I found that I was most succesful when I began to apply  "empathy" in my life; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. At times, when we are expressing ourselves, we tend to use our first initial feelings. While these may feel like the most natural and comfortable- expresing feelings in anger can leave long lasting pain on another, "Communication is irreversible". NOW, I am not saying that we shouldn't feel our feelings, What I am saying is that we must remember the three gates before we speak those feelings into life... Is it Truthful, Necessary, and Kind.

undefinedWe all have been in those moments where we speak our words through PASSION and do not take the moment to reflect on the implications that speaking them may bring...

My solutions if you are the one experiencing the emotional overload:

1. Speak to someone you trust that will keep your confidence ( you must be careful though, becuase once you let it out you no longer have control of how the message may be spread)

2. Yell into a pillow (although it may be wet and soggy- it will never judge you :) )

3. Excercise: Walk, Run, Yoga

4. Let it flow through your body like water, knowing that, "It too shall pass" 

Now, if you're on the otherside of someones RAGE remeber this, if your actions were done honestly don't fret. Truth always comes to light, you do not have to fight others, your fight may be within. Honestly, how many times in your life did you allow your mind to resonate on what someone said to you, about you, in your face, so on and so forth. That time that we spend allowing others hurtful words to resonate in our mind is WASTED time and as Lisa Nichols, Les Brown and other speakers have mentioned OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINION's OF US IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. That's RIGHT!! Hold your head up high-not with pride, but humblness, and know there is know one on this earth walking with a clean slate... The judgements that are turned towards you may just be someone's ackolwdegment of what they too need to take a deeper look at.

undefinedSTOP-have empathy, for when we are on the otherside of RAGE we have the most responsibility. We have AWARENESS and with awareness we have the responsibilty, even in the most difficult times, to avoid reacting. Take a deep breath and realize we are all humans doing the best we can and should at all times treat others with RESPECT and understanding. 

The next time you find yourself all caught up in anger remember, 'Anger is a double edged sword and it generally cuts the one who yields it the deepest'- Stanley Victor 


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