Servant Leadership Key to Marketing

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Home and family life has direct servant leadership examples that have important lessons for marketing.

To assist your children growing up you nurture positive emotion with feelings of that show love to have happiness and joy in the household. True servant leaders put the interests of others at the center of their decisions. You do this in your household too to create that atmosphere of self-validation in that you are doing a good job of raising your children!

Marketing is all about identifying and meeting needs by providing products and services to your customers. As a servant leader you identify a need as the center of your decisions. Then you use the most appropriate channel to market to those customers.

To show that point of difference, our product representations will be congruent with our messages. Using servant leadership as a model positive emotions are fundamental in the messages.

The messages that shows positive emotions are the most powerful ie happiness and joy!

For example- Smiling people, children, pets, outdoor scenic vistas, are all powerful graphics. Your own presentations also will support those powerful messages.

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