Stanislava from Bratislava :-)


 I am Stanislava from Bratislava

Hi all.

I am Stanislava from Bratislava, (I know it sounds funny) in Slovakia, I am a Mami and daddy (as their real daddy prefers a single life away from us) to my 3 beautiful children 18, 17 and 12. I am also a daughter and a sister, a friend, the best friend and a colleague, working full time for an international company, I am an author and online consultant and taking care of my children and household alone too and all this is taking all my time and money, leaving no room for fun, private life or goals I’d love to achieve and accomplish. I have so much to give yet, but life is simply far too busy. Therefore I was looking to change it and carry the only label: HAPPY and FULFILLED

Not long ago I started my own blog, writing e-books and trying to inspire other people on how to be brave and go for the change they desire, based all on my own experience, but I got stuck with writing when I realised I was stuck myself at this stage of my life too and needed to work out how to get from point A to point B myself first and fast before I could help others. And searching brought me right here � Writing gives me a sense of purpose, helping others to improve their life gives me satisfaction, it puts a smile on my face and keeps my heart warm when someone says to me: I read your blog, I really liked it, you gave me a motivation. Thank you.
Then I know WHY I am doing it.

I alone could have not done. It is thanks to my wonderful mentors, their training modules and their community that I found my passion. The help and support I get from them is priceless and it gives me so sought after FREEDOM. I am so grateful I found them.

I lived abroad for many years, in the UK and later in Italy, traveled across and whenever I can, I go back to visit my friends and good old neighbours. I love the sea, big fat sun, good food, especially seafood served in any trattorias on the Mediterranean coast. And course, washed down by nice red wine, a lot of it actually :-))

I love travelling generally, love meeting interesting people from different backgrounds, I love studying languages and their dialects and my next language I'd love to learn is definitely going to be French (apart from English, Italian, Russian that I speak already), I love dance of any form, but not just to watch, I find dancing gives me such freedom of expression and movement, it should be made mandatory � Then I love swimming in lakes or seas where again if outdoors I experience a sense of FREEDOM and connection with nature. I love any activities or sports related to water or art, like figure skating or gymnastics, not to forget the Ice Hockey too and yet so many other things.
There is so much to experience and so much to see and do, the only luxury is TIME.

I have my three children as my main motivators as they teach me so much, love, respect, patience, to be simple, a good cook too as odd as it may sound, as eating well is very important to keep fit and healthy and having all three different personalities and characters mixed with my eastern slovakian temperament, house gets pretty noisy at times. They drain my energy, but they also energise me. They keep me alive, awake and on the move. Life has a sense, has a purpose, but there's still so much to accomplish.

If you are in a similar situation when you found yourself a bit lost, bored or want to redirect your life, why don't you try their program too. I am confident it can help you as it helped me. I see my future brighter now with my new paradigms, hopes, attitude, I am ready for the challenges and I am so looking forward to starting fulfilling my dreams. And you could be soon too ;-)

Bless and Thank you 


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