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By the year 2020 the next major cellular wireless standard has been adopted.

This continues the trend from 1981 in which a new mobile generation has appeared roughly every decade.

The 5G family of standards is a major leap from previous generations in terms of power and functionality. Some of the key features will be.

- Pervasive networks  providing widespread computing found everywhere.the user can simultaneously be connected to several wireless access technologies and seamlessly move between them. These can be 2.5G, 3G, 4G or 5G networks, Wi-Fi, WPAN or any other contemporary access technology. Multiple, concurrentdata  transfer paths can be easily handled.

- Group cooperative relay. High bit rates are now available in a larger portion of the cell, especially to users in an exposed location in between several base stations. This is achieved by cellular repeaters, together with macro - diversity techniques ( also know as group cooperative relay), as well as beam- division multiple access.

- IPv6,  where a visiting care-of mobile IP address is assigned according to location and connected network.

-High-altitude stratospheric platform stations (HAPS) systems, delivering high-speed internet service to very large geographical areas.

- Wearable devices with AI (artificial intelligence)capabilities, offering greater levels of user interaction and personalisation.

-One unified global standard with full compatibility, no matter what brand or model you have.


In addition to 5G,  phones are now available with the option of texting by though power alone. This is achieved by a combination of eye-tracking technology and a sensor-mounted headset worn by the user.

The whole process is rather slow at this stage, requiring a high degree of concentration. It is more of a novility for now. However, advances in the coming years will enable smooth and fast reactions, revolutionising the world of communication.

Technology is upon us folks, whether we choose to be part of it or not is our choice.

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