The Attraction Marketing Advantage

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The Attraction Marketing Advantage

attraction marketingAttraction marketing is a fascinating subject. It’s a style of marketing far removed from the old style “churn and burn”, “rack em up high” approach of old. In that world it’s all about automation, minimal human contact and numbers. People are not customers as such, just numbers.

Attraction marketing is very different. It’s all about connecting with people who are interested in what you’re promoting but want to deal with someone they know, like and trust.  So it’s not really something you can over engineer. You can’t completely control whether or not someone likes what they see on a video, or how you come across in a blog post or email.

Attraction marketing = Honesty

In my mind attraction marketing is all about honesty. For me I need to believe in the products and services I promote. That makes it easy to just tell it like it is – to lay my cards on the table and let people see them and me. Of course I want to lay those cards out in front of as many people as I can but I don’t want to persuade, cajole or influence anyone.

In my days as a business development manager I worked in the same way. I could usually find some common ground with people I had meetings with. I could establish some rapport rather than just going for a sale or pushing the product first. I was quite happy not to win them all. People always buy from people and I accepted a long time ago that not everyone likes or relates to me – so not everyone would buy from me.

Attraction Marketing For Long Term Gains

Unfortunately in the traditional economy this isn’t usually the approach sales managers’ or CEO’s are looking for. They are looking for numbers – especially when times are hard. In the online world attraction marketing is the key to long term, sustainable success. It might take longer than the more trashy, automated approach but so what? 

With the Internet you can get you and what you stand for in front of untold numbers of people. With attraction marketing you have a pretty good chance of finding your “tribe”. When people connect with me and I talk to them on Skype, I’m always amazed at how much we have in common. That can only be attraction marketing at work.

All I do is put out videos, blogs, emails and broadcasts to my subscribers in my own way. All I can really do is to concentrate on being me and continue to try and offer value to the people I feel I can help. If I do that then the laws of attraction marketing pretty much guarantee that I’ll attract people who are like me. That works for me.

The marketing side of this is really using tools and resources to find and get in front of my preferred audience. That’s just about mastering the various to get my content out there in the best and most prolific way. As far as the actual content is concerned – that’s just me.

Hopefully this explanation of attraction marketing has been useful. If so you might want to check out some videos from a couple of masters of the art. Click the link below and get them delivered to your inbox. 

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