The Moment You Stop Dreaming is the Moment You Lose Purpose

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The biggest mistake is not dreaming big enough.

When I was little on my first day at school our teacher asked us who we wanted to be when we grow up. My answer was ‘a princess’. My dream ‘job’ was to be a princess. I loved the fact you could wear gorgeous gowns everyday, look pretty, live in a nice palace with huge garden, have nice prince and be surrounded by everything only nice. My dream was perfectly clear, I wanted a nice lifestyle. To be rich and adored by people. What’s wrong with that?

But… my dream was soon shattered by so called “reality”. I was told this isn’t possible. Naturally, I was devastated. Why couldn’t be I a princess? I couldn’t I have a prince, a castle with all the fuss as my job?


Our parents were telling us to be realistic and the teachers at school to stop dreaming and concentrate. To get back to planet Earth. And from then on all we were given were the reasons why we couldn’t do almost anything, to become anybody. We’d hear where we couldn’t go and why and achieve what we wanted to achieve. We would never have enough physical predispositions, lack of talents or means. We would be told to stop dreaming not to get disappointed if things went wrong. But we wouldn’t care even if we were disappointed. We wanted to try anyway, we never thought of possible consequences. We would deal with them after, if... The failure, though, wasn’t on our mind anyway, just a strong drive, will and endless tenacity.

Children are big dreamers. And even bigger, the biggest.


But we were surrounded by the people and environments that was telling us otherwise. Wanted us to fit in. Not to stick out too much. Would we be hard to manage if we did? Better to stay low, not to fly too high, be a boring average. Slow down, take it easy. Who do you think you are?

I am anything I want to be, right? No, wrong!

By discouraging us to dream and dream big, we started to lose our tenacity that was forming our purpose. We were on the way to do what others expected us to do.

That’s when you realise you are surrounded by wrong people.

And that’s when you either STAY or you LEAVE!

Stay in your comfort zone or leave it and try even harder to prove them wrong and to prove yourself right.

Or you change your environment, analyse your habits that are no longer serving your higher purpose and start surrounding yourself with people that are thriving and growing, willing to self-improve, who are like-minders, who can teach you new “tricks”.

Or you want to keep the old ones which will only bring you the same results over and over?

You should never let others bring your dreams down to their level.

Others will tell you to stop dreaming just because they gave up on their dreams.

There is no shortage of anything on this planet, only a shortage of people dreaming big enough. Become completely obsessed with your purpose. Let the world understands that you’re not going away, that you are serious about your mission and committed to it. Pursue your dreams until they become reality, your reality even if it doesn’t agree with ‘theirs’.

Set your goals and start taking action. If you need to face problems, you do that, no excuses. When you are tired, look at your purpose. And your drive will return. Commit to success, remember that no commitment equals no results. Don’t rely on luck. Lucky people don’t make successful people. Only people who completely commit to success seem to get "lucky" in life. Never try to be the smartest or luckiest person, just make sure you outwork everyone.

Keep your final goal on your mind. Which is what? Your FREEDOM. If you do what you like, you are free, your ultimate dream and everybody’s wish at the end of the day, having prosperous job.

I wish you every success with starting your own online business adventure with no excuses.

If I could do it, you can do it too and even better! 


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