The Only Way Over Fear Is Through It

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Today I want to talk about fear. Fear that has been stopping me in my life and I fear that stops us all some time in our lives from doing the things that we really want to do. Then I thought about it. I thought what is it about fear that keeps us here and how can we get over it and I realized that the only way over fear is through it.

So I wanted to challenge my fear. I wanted to come out and expose my fear by talking about it. I wanna tell you and share with you my greatest fear. When I'm doing the videos for my youtube channel. When i'm doing this social media work, my greatest fear is that people will judge me as a balding old man that doesn't know what he's talking about and doesn't belong on a screen. I judge myself because of it. I feel that others are judging me for it and it kind of continually stays in my mind when I'm doing these things. I realized that the only way to get over this fear is by exposing it and that's the reason why I'm sharing with you. Despite of the fear, by continually doing the act that counters that fear is the best way to get over it. In this world that we live in, where glitter and glamour and the superficial way of life that is so prominent and so glorified, we all seem to live a perfect life in a perfect little bubble. But that's not really the case. We have fear because we're human beings. And I want to be vulnerable and expose that. Bring that to the front.

Vulnerability is not a weakness. It is a strength and when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in front of others we're really displaying our strength and we are showing to the world that we're not afraid of judgment. So I want to extend my invitation for you to go out there and share your fear.

Share your fear with the people that you care about and the ones care about you. Share them with me. Share them with your friends face-to-face and tell them about your greatest fears. But bring them out. Because fear is like a vampire. When you bring it out. when you expose it in daylight in the Sun, it's fizzles away and that's exactly how fear is. So let's go out there and expose our fears and tell people and share people about who we really are and what makes this really human so that we can get back to our humanity and we can really get down below to the nature of who we really are and I think that is incredibly powerful. so my friend again extend this invitation for you to go out there and look somebody in the eye and share your fear within and you never know maybe they'll do the same. until I see you again next time have a great one my friend.

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