The reason why I don't like Bryan Adams

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I'm sorry... Nothing personal against him. 

"(Everything I do) I do it for you"

I really don't like this song, so much so that I have to turn the radio off as soon as I hear the intro. Every time I hear this song, it puts me in a bad mood. I do not think it is romantic if someone says (sings) that to me. In fact, it will totally turn me off. My husband sings it to me just to annoy me and it never fails.

I don't want anybody to do anything for me. I mean it's fine and up to that person but do not say that to me. Why do you have to tell me that? It's really heavy and really not cool so...

Don't say that.

I want you to do what you want to do. Don't do it for me. Do not sacrifice yourself for me. Do it because you want to do it and be happy with it. I will be very grateful and touched immensely.

If you want anybody to be happy, you have to be happy and filled with love yourself first. This is because the emotion and the state of being has a certain frequency and infects everyone around you. Put yourself first, fill yourself with love and give yourself without expecting anything back. 

Be yourself. Be happy. 

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