Top 6 Tips for Building Your Online Reputation

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Top 6 Tips for Building Your Online Reputation

Reputation The online ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, in an instant means a couple of poor customer experiences can reach an audience of hundreds or thousands. This can do irreparable damage to your credibility online. Don't let that happen. Practice the following 6 tips for building your online reputation in a positive way and your customers may handle all of your marketing for you. The goal is to get them like, know and trust you.  Once you do this you will find that people will return over and over again.  

1. Make a big value-oriented promise

Have you ever seen an online offer that made some extravagant claim?  Be careful about such claims.  You need to not promise something you cannot deliver.  It can be a smart way for you to get the attention of your marketplace (so long as it’s true). At the same time, it builds your online reputation in a positive manner. People everywhere are interested in receiving excellent value when they make a purchase. By making a big promise you build your cyber reputation and also differentiate yourself from most, if not all, of your competitors.

2. Deliver on that value

ValueYour customers will tell their friends about your business when you are trustworthy. So many people today are wary of any type of product or service offering. They have been burned before, and they receive hundreds of marketing messages each and every day, so they are market savvy. Your reputation online will flourish when you deliver on your big promise and then follow-up with the next tip.  Remember, word of mouth is the best and the worst advertisement you can ever get.

3. Over-deliver

When you make a big promise and then deliver on it, your customers will be thankful. This shows integrity on the part of you or your business, and it could lead to repeat sales. Why not take this opportunity to make your happy customer an ecstatic one? Give your customers more than they expected and they will want to share their happiness with all of their online friends.  

4. Use social proof

social-proof Most people believe others like themselves rather than businesses. When you make a claim about your product or business, why should someone believe it? After all, your prospects expect you to be proud of your business, and to believe in it. Share customer success stories, case studies, and testimonials of happy customers with your prospects. Some businesses have ridden to success based on social proof alone.  

5. Understand exactly what image you are trying to foster

What reputation do you want to be known for? Walmart built the world's largest retail business on the simple promise that they offer the lowest prices. From first launching Walmart, Sam Walton knew what he wanted to be known for. You have to understand exactly what you want people to think of you before you can make that a reality.  

6. Do your due diligence

You can't get to any destination unless you know where you are starting from. Find out what the online world thinks of you, your business, or your products right now, and you will know what you need to do to get your reputation where you want it to be.

Top 6 Tips for Building Your Online Reputation


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