We trust people over brands

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Most of us trust people over brands

Have you ever noticed that we trust people over brands? Have you ever asked your friends for advice about a product or service before purchasing it?

Naturally, we ask friends for recommendations, whether it is for when we are going to visit a new restaurant or travel to a new destination, we want to know other people’s opinions. We ask people that have experienced the product or service to make sure that we are making the right decision, with or without brand recognition. We trust people’s recommendations over brands, it is natural - we want to make sure that we are making the right purchase.

When marketing we need to think about these things, building real experiences for real people. Making sure that we create marketing with core messaging that contain strategic storylines. The power of using storytelling in marketing is underestimated and is powerful when used correctly. Storytelling need to be thoroughly consistent in its narratives and people need to feel like they belong or feel that they have a belonging to the product or service. People are shown to choose particular brands because it has the same values as them. It can be all of supporting a team to a cause that they find important.

Enhance the experience – don’t interrupt it!

undefinedI have written other blog posts about the online sales funnel where we have our prospects go from awareness to consideration to making a purchase and finally becoming a loyal customer.

If you start to think the way as a funnel but with few different words, maybe you would reconsider how you are doing your marketing when branding? We shop quick and easy. So we need to consider how our customers See, Think, Do and Care for a product or service’s brand.

The power of word-of-mouth

How do you act, or maybe I should say react, with brands?

Are you recommending some brands? Have you got an opinion about them? Do they reflect values that you have? Is there a certain reason to why you choose one brand over another? Is it because you have an opinion about the product itself or the company that sells it? What does a brand tell you? Is it a feeling? An emotion? Does it reflect you as a person? Does it enhance your experience, if it does, why? How? 

These are important questions to think about as a marketer. You need to know what you want your brand to reflect, communicate and what kind of reactions it gives to people. Who is your target group, what are their values?

Each experience a user has of your brand builds a story about your business and shapes brand perception. - Pixie Sartang, Harvey

undefinedWord-of-mouth is as powerful as your company’s values. Therefore, you should never make assumptions about a group of people that you want to target. If done right, you are creating brand ambassadors to your brand. Ambassador that through word-of-mouth enhances your brand to become what you want your brand to reflect. Best of all you are making people recommending your brand, which are giving you more business and market shares.

So remember this:

We need to make sure that we are focusing on user experience and real-time interest because we trust people over brands, not the other way around. Enhance the user experience - don’t interrupt it.

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
Marketing with Body, Soul & Business Spirit

PS. I just want to share a part of a video that I filmed using my phone when traveling with Virgin Atlantic from Las Vegas to Los Angeles last month, it really enhanced my experience and talk about an interruption! DS.

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