Welcome to Caracas!

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Welcome to Caracas!

We traveled all night by bus to Caracas.  I was excited. We arrived at 6: 00 am, it was Saturday and during the weekend people used to travel to visit the family for that reason there were many people in the Bus Terminal. My aunt’s husband picked us up there.


My first experiences in Caracas

In the evening, we went for a walk and eat ice cream on The Boulevard. There were a lot of stores and they sold very nice clothes, my aunt told me we will come back to buy something nice for me.I was really happy.   Many people were enjoying and sharing with their families.

The next day we get up late, we had breakfast and in the afternoon, we went to the zoo. There were too many animals that I never saw before, tigers, lions, different snakes. I am scared of snakes, so I did not spend too much time seeing them. I went to see the monkeys and the different birds.

In the evening, I help my aunt with the dinner. We prepared everything for the next day. She has a son and a daughter about my age, they went to high school, I also had to go to high school but in the evening, because I wanted to work and earn some money to help my mom. When my dad died, she moved out again with my grandmother who was alone.  They were trying to carry on a farm that my grandfather had left but It was a very hard job for two women.

The next day everyone left and I was alone in the house, I felt so lonely and sad, I missed my mom, my grandmother, and my sisters and brother a lot. And I thought I did not go to be able to stay longer in Caracas without my family, but I had a dream, I wanted to study at the university and I knew I couldn’t do that in Barinas because there was not University.

The time was passing and I got used to the new activities. I always went to visit my family when I was on vacation.


If you think something is possible it is, all you need is to hear your heart and take action.


To be continued………

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