What else is FREE?

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Do you feel like you have zero or nothing to give to society?

These items you can acquire for FREE & give FREELY.

#1. A  SMILE is FREE.

There are so many people without a smile. Give them one or two of yours.  This often results in a smile back.  We all have those smiles. Digging a little deeper will help us all find a smile to give away.

Apparently it takes the same amount of muscles to smile as it does to frown.  Which one makes you feel better? Which one makes you feel worse?

What we give comes back ten fold. Let's attract happy people into our lives to make our own happy world. XO


How can we recieve good energy?

Playing with a child often creates good positive energy & much laughter.

A cat or dog or favorite pet can also create positive vibes that instill super energy.

A good walk in the park, the woods or on the beach can create stimulating energy that you recieve for FREE from the earth & give off to any one near you or afar. People feel & hear it in our voices & see energy in our actions.

#3.  PEACE is FREE

How do people find PEACE?

Some find peace in meditating daily. Some people become very peaceful with yoga exercises. Many people are put into a peaceful state watching sun sets or sunrises.

Many people do breathing exercises to get into an inner peaceful state.

Watching the ocean waves & listening to them as they come in & out brings great peace to many people.


How do you find or create LAUGHTER?

When nothing seems funny in your life, find something funny. There are a lot of  amazing sites on line to make people laugh. Many videos are hilarious.

When Dave & I were learning how to do " video live," it went live immediately with no few seconds before it engaged.

The truth about video live is, we were discussing the yehs & nays, not knowing we were live. 

Our adorable  daughter promply messaged us to tell us we were arguing on video live for the big wide wonderful world to see.

We explained we didn't know it was already videoing & apologized as I'm sure she was embarrased. We too were  embarrassed but we survived it.  Our daughter's words to us were,  " LIVE IS LIVE. "

This mistake was easily done at this time. F/B now gives us a few seconds before the video starts.

Now we have a good laugh about it. I deleted the video promply. Sometimes I think we should have left it on so others could have a good laugh too. We are all learning. XO.

Being with people who laugh a lot helps. Laughter seems to be infectious & is worth while catching. Be where you'll find, feel & love laughing.

We are learning to accept & give FREE SMILES, FREE ENERGY,   FREE PEACE,  & FREE LAUGHTER, more than we ever have in our lives. We are here to encourage one another.  XO.

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