Who if not YOU, and when if not NOW ??


Where am I?

Where do I want to be?


Is that the question you are asking yourself right now?

Where am I? Is this the place or situation I want to be in?

Am I happy?

Which answer is yours? If you are reading these lines, then the answer is maybe NO. Or your answer could be yes, but… Am I heading the right way?, or do I need to adjust the direction?, how to stay focused?

There is no simple recipe on how to make a desirable change, meaning that you will follow 5 steps and here we go, done. No, the journey will take as long as it takes, sometimes it can be 2 weeks, sometimes many years. All depends on YOU, on your own will, on how much you believe in yourself, on how much you want to succeed, how much energy you put into it and whether you stay concentrated and focused all the way till it happens, till you get there. The change you desire, the life you want to have, is in your hands.

And if you say:

No, I can’t do this because ….

I can not influence anything, because …

I can not be responsible for such a situation, because …

I have bad news for you, of course, you are, whether you accept or not, whether partially or completely. And, of course, you can still do something about it. As what you do today will influence your tomorrows.

Where you are now it’s the past, a history by every second. Somewhere, your previous decisions have brought you to, but if you need to change it, escape and get where we want to be, start now and watch how easy it can be done.

The first and the most important point is:

Be honest with yourself. Don’t give yourself any excuses if you want to achieve something. Everything is possible, every situation has a solution, every problem has an expiry date, you always have a choice

So simply don’t waste time.

Today is another day, another opportunity to sail again and look for other islands, new places. Another opportunity to try something which you have feared yesterday, or you did not have the strength to try, courage or knowledge, but tomorrow same opportunity might not be there anymore. Therefore, the question is, why just sit and wait, why just watch time passes by and not to live fully already today? Why wait for tomorrow? Why not want to be happy already today?

If you have a strong enough reason, if the pain of the negative experience was strong enough, you’ll make the decision that much faster and easier.

Make a simple plan, appoint the steps, decide to comply with the set pace without torturing yourself that you must be perfect at all costs. It is enough to be good enough, not perfect. But endure to the final point.

No one knows yet how much time one has, therefore, you need and deserve to be happy today. Make the first step TODAY, not from 1st January.

Who if not YOU, and when if not NOW.

The choice is yours.

Check out this inspiring video, something that inspired and helped me too:




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