Write It Down For Your RAS!

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Our brains are processing thousands of thoughts and pieces of information every minute. We are surrounded by advertisements, colourful pictures and sounds, people phoning and texting us, checking our messages, and general life taking place all around in every second. Being focused on what we want and staying on track has become more difficult than ever with all these wonderful distractions. This is why when we feel inspired with an idea or something we want to do it is so important to WRITE IT DOWN!

In our brains we have what is called a Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is basically our brain's auto pilot. With all this information hitting us on all fronts, our brains simply cannot process everything all at once so our RAS is there to filter only information that is relevant to us and what we are focusing on at that time. Everything else that has no relevance will more than likely pass us by unnoticed. Ever had someone say, 'Oh did you see that?' and you are blissfully unaware because you are off in your own little RAS land noticing only items that are relevant to your thoughts. The beauty of the RAS is that we are in control of what we program it to see and that is how we can control what we attract into our lives.

I'll give you an example: When I lived in Australia I bought myself a Honda Accord and I loved that car! Great car, love a Honda! As soon as I bought my little gem all of a sudden I was noticing Honda's everywhere. Ooh there's a Honda...ooh there's another Honda! Me buying a Honda hadn't magically multiplied the number of Hondas on the road. I had just become more aware of Hondas because I'd bought one myself so my RAS was now programmed to notice Hondas because it was relevant information. Does that make sense?

Let's put it this way, whatever we fill our minds with, what we watch on television, what we read in books, or any kind of information that is relevant to something that might be going on in our lives right now, hey presto...it grabs our attention. Our RAS will mean that an advertisement relevant to what we have been thinking about or looking to buy maybe will stand out more to us than a person who is focusing on other things. 

If you want a fantastic and detailed explanation of the RAS and how it works then I highly recommend you read 'The Answer' by Alan Pease. Fabulous and very interesting book. It actually proves scientifically that what we are focusing on we attract into our lives. What we program our RAS to focus on by what we are choosing to think literally attracts into our lives circumstances, situations, events and people who will be relevant to us achieving them. Powerful stuff eh? 

Now back to the importance of writing things down. With all these distractions and attention grabbers all around us every day we really need to be concious and choose what we are focusing on very carefully. That way our RAS is programmed with positive stuff that is conducive to our goals and desires and not just whatever circumstances that arise and fill our minds with, well crap. Writing down your inspired thoughts or ideas immediately makes a thought something tangible and physical rather than just a phoof that could be forgotten if we don't remind ourselves to remember it. Training your brain takes concious attention at the start and writing things down is a massive aid in helping you stay focused and on your path.

Ideally writing with a pen and paper is a better way to get ideas down rather than a computer or phone, but if you don't have pen and paper to hand then jot it down in your notes at least in a bullet point so that you will be able to refer to it later, remember what it was you were thinking about and then transfer it to paper.

Why pen and paper? When you write something down you are using more muscles and activating more neuro pathways in your brain than simply tack, tack, tacking into a keyboard. You immediately begin to visualise and create images in your head as you write which sends out that energy to the universe. By the law of attraction you will start attracting those things into your life as you are writing them down. As you continue to think about those ideas or desires and you read them over and over again the power of the thoughts you are transmitting get stronger and stronger. You start focusing on it all day, every day and your RAS will start noticing circumstances, people, situations and events that will help bring your ideas or desires into fruition. And that is how it works! Boom...you are now winning at life!

So people, grab that pen and paper and take it with you wherever you go. I keep a little notebook in my bag or jot bullet points into my phone if I've changed handbags and forgotten it. When I write down goals or desires I then leave them out in the open where I will see them. Every time I walk past my desk I see what I have written and I read what I've written, I focus on it and feel those good feelings of how I will feel when all my goals and desires materialise.

You too can have be or do whatever you want. The Universe is abundant in all things. Write things down. Focus on the things you have written down. In doing this you will automatically train your RAS to be aware of circumstances, situations, events and people that will help or aid you in making your goals and desires materialise in your life.

Go out and start creating the life you want! Anything is possible and everything you want, wants you. 

With love and best wishes,

Avalon xoxo

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