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I am sure there are many people in here and out there who can relate to this....As I was growing up there were two sets of people, people who told me that I can be whatever I want to be and people who said I could not be anything I wanted to be.

Guess what? Both of these people were right.

It is a matter of choice and you can choose to be anything you want in this wide world. Things can be very tough and you feel like you are going to quit but do not give up hope find your passion and follow it ...and you will not find that passion in things and you will not find that passion in money because you will always look around and you will see someone who has more things and more money than you.

You can make your life better by making other peoples lives better. If you are not making someone else's life better then you are wasting your time!

Be realistic!..... and why would you be realistic? Because it is your road, and yours alone others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. You have to make things happen

I want to tell whoever relates to my story that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE to those who believe. You have to believe in yourself first before other people would believe in you. Wake up every day and walk with your head up high like you are the best thing that has just happened to planet earth. 

I have discovered one thing in life that has helped me overcome my fears of becoming whatever I want to be by LIVING EACH DAY AS MY LAST! because if it is my last day then I have nothing to lose and if I lose so be it!

SO FOLLOW YOUR HEART by following your passion if you have already found it do it if not keep finding it because there is greatness in each one of us.

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