You don’t have to be rich to experience “rich life”.


I do it often as I don’t have time to wait until I become rich. I learned how to take chances.

I wrote down my list of 100 places to visit or things to do before I die and I follow it through. Funny enough it really works better if you write them down and then tick them out as you accomplish each one. I said to myself, even if I just do 5 things a year, in 20 years I will accomplish them all. Of course that after each place I visited or did from my list so far I immediately added another one as I don’t want to feel like getting closer to the number 100 means it for me, over, oh no no :-D

And guess what I’ve noticed. We are only in July and by now I have visited 4 of the places from the list and started learning French, which was also on my list. One day at work I subscribed to the language lessons exchange program between employees and next thing I know I have been granted private French lessons and gratis. So 5 things altogether by now and we are only in July. Having booked another trip in November and most certainly will do something, even if “unexpected”, in between, I will have crossed 5 things off my list.

And one of the places to visit from my list, but an unexpectedly sudden trip, was my trip to French Riviera and the most famous Saint Tropez with a visit of “Gendarmerie Nationale” and a boat trip to island Porquerolles, my long life dream. I don’t even know how it happened, I just had it on my mind, so I guess the law of attraction took care of it for me by introducing me to the right people from the Côte d'Azur on one perfect occasion while visiting some friends. Otherwise, I honestly can’t explain it how it suddenly happened. The same was with my private French lessons.


I know I don’t have to know how. "It" just linked me with the most wonderful experience and the best time of my life. Because I wished it so much and I believed it.

So theoretically I am ahead of my schedule :-)


I believe your brain gets more concentrated on written down list with precise goals to follow so I strongly recommend it to everyone. And it feels so good to be able to cross things out and add a new destination each time. Just be brave, do it, be “greedy”, be zestful and enthusiastic about it.

All this can be happening only if you allow it to happen. If you have strong wishes and dreams and believe they do come true. If you are ready to take upon challenges when they are presented to you. It is something I am learning too through modules and programs provided by my mentors while building my online business. The modules, though, are not only logical pieces of training in digital industry and about how to make lots of money. It is a lot more to it on a human level, like to spread awareness of the fact, that it is possible to live your life to the full and on your own terms. It is also to bring as many like-minded people together as possible to support and help each other, about people willing to grow and better their lives mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. It is about total freedom.


How strongly do you want to achieve your dream life? How strongly you believe in your dreams and what are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve them? Are you willing to jump right in and start to pursue them straight away, or are you going to leave your dreams on your pillow in the morning?

I am loving it and I am loving to be able to experience a rich life although I am not rich (yet).

To help you with achieving your dream life of FREEDOM, find the link below. Viewing it doesn’t cost a dime.

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Life is beautiful.




I have just learned about the horrific attack in Nice and if I imagine that I was there only 2 days ago, it's incomprehensible. My heart is bleeding as I left it in Côte d'Azur.

My deepest condolences and respect to all that suffer.

mes plus sincères condoléances

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