5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business

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Having your own Website is like having Real Estate online. It is a valuable asset to you and your business, and it can be a life-source to you for many years to come.

In order to ensure your website stands out from your competition and that it captures customer attention, you will need to learn and implement the following...

5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business:

1. Target Advertising

  • Determine what product or service you are going to provide
  • Not sure what you can offer? ...then just brainstorm ideas.
  • Believe that you are different than anybody else. Sure you may know the same things as others, but what sets you apart is your personality and how you communicate.
  • The experiences you have gained, the interests you have acquired, the passion you have within you vibrates out and connects with others. Share yourself with the planet.
  • Put yourself out there and then teach others by:
    • writing blog posts
    • making videos
    • creating podcasts
    • sharing others videos and posts (with permission, of course)
    • put recommendations out based on your personal experience
  • Focus on who your Target Market is:
    • Figure out who could use your product and service
    • Write your ideal customer out so you can visualize him/her
    • Focus on how you can help educate them on your product/service
  • Find Your Target Market
    • Where online would your Target Market hangout?
      • Facebook
      • Youtube
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Linkedin
      • Google Search
  • Advertise to Your Target Market
    • Publish Ads to Your Target Market
    • Determine one source and master it before continuing with other adverts

2. Lead Generating Website

  • Websites can be created in minutes
    • Technology has improved so much over the years that have made website creation like the snap of the fingers
    • You don't have to be technical
    • Newbies embrace website creation with open arms...it's that easy for anyone!
  • Once a Website is generated, it works for your 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    • Your website is on autopilot and works...
      • while you sleep
      • while you are on vacation
      • everyday
      • every hour
      • every minute
      • every second
      • every year
      • for years to come

3. Build Your List

  • Auto-responders will manage your list of prospects and customers
    • You can have an auto-responder to collect a list of prospects
  • You can communicate to them automatically to follow-up on offers and provide valuable content
    • Provide updates on your business
    • Offer products and deals

4. Provide Value

  • Provide value to your prospects
    • Teach prospects something, share what you know or have learned
    • Send valuable blog posts to prospects
    • Build trust, and desire for your offers

5. Promote

  • Quality Products Promote high-quality products that are in huge demand
  • Satisfy your prospects needs with products that will solve a problem

These 5 Steps will help guide you when building an online business from scratch or to help improve your existing online business.

Best Wishes from The Cloud. Deb Entrepreneur & Owner of Cloud9 Marketing On-Line

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