5 Things You Should Know About Getting Started With Video

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Have you ever wanted to get started with video?

But then you found yourself coming up with some of these excuses:

  • What if people don’t like the way I look?
  • What if they don’t like the way I sound?
  • I don’t have the right equipment.
  • I don’t know what to talk about.

In this video, I’m going to help you overcome some of those excuses. So you can join other businesses growing 47% faster than those businesses now using video...Let’s begin!

  1. Equipment. There’s a myth in the industry that you need a fancy DSLR camera, a studio and a videographer. The truth is, all you actually need is a Smartphone. Smartphone technology is getting more and more advanced and as a result, we get to play with some incredibly high-quality cameras. Simply pick up your smartphone, hold it in the horizontal position, click record and start talking.
  1. Lighting. Having good lighting is essential to creating a more professional feel. If your viewer can’t see your well-lit face, then there’s no point in you being in the video. Ensure that the lighting on your subject is consistent and make sure half of your face isn’t bright and half of it dark. If you don’t have a lighting studio, head outside and take advantage of the natural sunlight. Avoid days where you have bright sunshine as this will lead to squinting.
  1. Topic. Most people don’t know what to talk about when they get started. It’s a good idea to talk about something familiar. Find a topic you’re passionate about just to get you going. A good place to start is to talk about yourself. You know your story and it’s going to come across more naturally on camera. I recommend carrying this theme into future videos so your passion and enthusiasm will come across to your audience.
  1. To Script Or No To Script. Have you ever seen and video and felt like the person was just reading off a screen?This is why I don’t recommend scripting your videos. Scripting videos should only be used if you need to be very specific about the wording that needs to be used. Otherwise, I recommend what we call an outline. This is a set of 2-3 points you want to cover and as you cover each point, you can go into each in more detail. Ensure your video is just like a story, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. To end your video give your audience a “call to action”. “Check out my website!” “Share with a friend or simply comment in the box below.”
  1. Internet Connection. If you have an internet connection, there is no excuse for not getting started with video. One of the reasons people don’t ever get going with video is because they get scared of actually uploading it. The perfectionist in you will want to get it perfect the first time and you will want to get it right straight away. The thing you have to realise is that getting good on video takes time and practice. Nobody jumps out of bed in the morning, shoots their first video and nails it. So have some patience and understand that it’s just a learning process.

So what are you waiting for?

Pull out that smartphone, do your hair, put on your best makeup and let us see you create your first masterpiece today.

If you’re feeling brave, then why not share it in the comments box below? You might be pleasantly surprised at how good people think you really are.

Don’t get good, just get going!

Jay Williams

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