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There's Never a Second Chance to Make a Good Impression! The logo is the face of your brand & company, check out some great tips to create a Successful Brand Logo.

I guess you already know that, but I'd like to start by defining the concept of a logo and then give you some tips on how to create a successful brand logo.

What is a logo?

The logo is a graphic design generally made up of letters, symbols, and/or signs, which has the purpose of representing and identifying a brand or company, as well as distinguishing it from other brands or competing companies.

The logo is a symbol of your company, of your business, of your vision as a professional. It helps people identify you, remember you, and provides a professional and expert identity.

5 tips for a successful brand logo:


As Paul Rand, one of the best graphic designers, said: "Don't try to be original, just try to be good".

Simplicity is the key to a successful brand logo.

Sometimes we tend to make things more difficult and complicated than we need to. And the same goes for the time of designing our logo.

For this reason, there must be limited elements in your logo.  Having too many illustrations, font choices or colors can make your image difficult.

For Rand, the creator of the IBM logo, the distinctiveness, visibility, adaptability, universality, and durability of a brand could only be achieved with simplicity, and without unjustified additions.

A good example of a simple logo is provided by Amazon. A simple typography, and in bold. The answer is in the emotional meanings. The little yellow arrow denotes a smile, gives warmth to the brand and makes it friendly. It communicates that Amazon brings this smile to its customers and invites us to want to be part of them, it shows us the way.


The arrow starts at A and ends at Z, meaning that on Amazon you can find everything from A to Z.  And finally, it ends up pointing upwards and to the right, which implies progress and growth. Undoubtedly for Amazon, your logo is an extremely powerful element.


This concept refers to the fact that time will not affect the logo of our brand and therefore it has a design that will never go out of fashion and will always be with us.

But we must ask ourselves the following question when we want to design a successful brand logo: Should a brand be timeless?

And the answer will depend on our business goals, and what we want the longevity of the business to be. For example, if we have a project that we estimate will last one year, we will not design the logo with the goal of lasting 5 years.

Corporate brands need to be consistent over time, as they are responsible for building trust among their stakeholders, and that takes time.

However, product brands or product identity may change every 3 to 5 years, depending on the category or market dynamics. But corporate brands must be able to endure the impact of time, trends, fashions, or the dictates of design for decades to come.

For these reasons, when designing a successful brand logo, you could make yourself the next question. Will my logo last 5, 10, or 15 years? Is there a design trend that is stopping this?



A memorable logo is one that has a design that makes it stand out among a multitude of logos. In other words, a logo will be memorable, when we can remember it.

Brands work from familiarity, that is, the public has to learn them. Therefore, the logo must be learned to get the brand established.

Imagine that you are sitting next to a child, to whom you describe your brand logo in detail. You can ask him: "is it easy or hard to remember?" If the child has difficulty describing your logo, then it is not simple and memorable enough. Every logo should be easy to remember.

The feature of a memorable logo is directly connected to its simplicity. The simpler a logo is, the easier it will be to be remembered by our audience.

In this video, you can see some tips that will make your logo more memorable and help you design a successful brand logo.


Your brand is more than a logo, it's what identifies you. It is necessary that your brand logo works in all aspects of your business.

What I mean by this, is that your logo has to be able to be incorporated in your email, in your website's favicon, in your invoices, among other things.

For instance, you probably want your brand to be present in social media, so your logo should be versatile and be able to adapt to the size of the photos that are incorporated in each of every social media channel.

Try your logo on a dark background, and do it on a white background too. The reason for these variations is due to the variety of backgrounds on which your logo may appear in the future. If you have a blog, for example, it is very likely that this will happen, and that your logo should appear on different photos with different tones and colors

For these motives, it is very important to have a versatile logo, in order to achieve a successful brand logo.

Many companies choose to have a secondary logo. This way you can have a logo to use for vertical formats, while the secondary could be used for horizontal or square formats.

My recommendations would be as follows:

Try your logo on a black background. Now do it on a white background. Does it work in both cases?
Now reduce it to a size smaller than an inch. Can you still read it?


As my last piece of advice for creating a successful brand logo, I would like you to ask yourself the next questions about your logo:
Does it accurately reflect and represent your business? Does it make sense to your audience? Does your audience understand who and what you can provide when they see your logo?

You must ensure that all aspects of your logo are suitable for your audience. This will include the font, color options, and possible icons.

Therefore, it is indispensable that these details are carefully planned, and that they are not chosen randomly.

Watch this video where you can get some advice from the famous graphic designer Sagi Haviv.

Some Useful Tools for your logo design:

To help you choose the color of your brand logo: coolors
To help you choose the font of your brand logo: fontpair



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