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Oh, this is going to be good one!

You’ve heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ right? And you have also probably found out throughout your life that this saying is simply not congruent with reality. The truth of this saying starts to fall short when we experience for ourselves the power of first impressions, the effect of being well dressed, having a good image, a good reputation and good presence. So, we start to give these factors such power as we soon realise that being judged by ‘your cover’ is inevitable, and you must remember no one is to blame for this, this is simply human nature, we attempt to make a judgement instinctively to whether a person represents safety or danger, it is simply your limbic brain doing what it does best, keeping you alive! Therefore, I propose the following mindset, empower your image in every way, empower yourself.

As the internet grows increasingly powerful, your online presence becomes more powerful too. Use this to your advantage, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you the privileges you would get everywhere you’d go if you had a large following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or twitter. These are platforms where you can be you and if you learn how to market yourself as if you were your best product (which you are!), people would feel related to you, will share the same experiences through you and will follow every step of the way you take. I don’t really like doing the usual ‘How to’ blogs, but to keep it short all you need is (this is how I have done it on Instagram now with over 9000 followers and growing);

1.       Invest in a good camera, watch a tutorial on how to use it and take it everywhere you go and take photos of what you are doing (make sure the picture has you on it!).

2.       Have a journey, for example I share my tennis journey in the most professional way I can, showing my training sessions and sharing photos. What can you share that is interesting and unique?

3.       Make sure you look your best and highlight the best parts of your life and what you are interested on. Do not be false, but simply dwell on the positive things of your journey.

4.       Start growing your audience (don’t worry about this yet if you are new, focus on quality content first).

5.       Lastly be consistent and put effort into it, again I cannot stress enough the power of a good presence in the online world.

I am always baffled on how people use these platforms that have so much power and potential as if they were not important, yet they spend their whole day on them. The irony! However, we must discuss something before we go further… This information must be used and not left behind, use it, and take advantage of it. Tailor it to your style and niche, make sure it is congruent to you as a person outside of the online world, if it lacks congruency, you will be perceived as a ‘fake’. There is also one more thing, be creative! As you may know, you won’t be the only one attempting to create a strong image of themselves online, but what I do know is that there is only one you and that uniqueness sell on its own. So be you!

Social media self-marketing has become bigger and bigger with the years and emerging apps like snapchat and Instagram. Maximising them is necessary specially if you want to become an online marketer or you are starting a business online and offline (I don’t believe in such terminology anymore, everyone is online now!). Social media marketing is something that the Six Figure Mentors specialise on, having live classes every week, social media training courses and one to one mentorship helping you to set up everything. Of course, this comes at a price, but they are doing a 7-day free training course for the readers of my blogs only, all you have to do is put your email here and you will receive your first video training today for free! Get a feel of the training, pay attention and further instructions will come your way once you graduate from your 7-day training course ;)

Build a Rockstar aura around your name and image. See you at the top.

Efrain Herrera

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