How Starting my Online Business Helped Me to Find My Purpose

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When I woke up on the 1st January to the sound of the police knocking on my door, I knew that I needed to start doing something different in 2018. And no, they weren't looking to arrest me, they were just checking on my wellbeing after a particular incident. This was the latest in a line of events that had left me feeling depressed and without any kind of vision for my future. I felt lost and stuck in circumstances beyond my control. 

find my purpose

At the beginning of this year, I was so low that I could barely get out of bed. I was exhausted from working so hard. I hadn't had any time to myself and I was stressed from keeping all the balls in the air. I barely had time to see my family and friends. I didn't look forward to anything, I was so unhappy with the work that I was doing that it was affecting my health; I was starting to think back on happier times with such regret, I was so sad. I didn't know what my life purpose was any more and I knew that there had to be more to life than the one I was living. I needed to find my purpose again.

The Answer Was In My Inbox

So what did I do that was different this time? I looked in my inbox. A few months earlier I had been sent some free videos from a link on Youtube which featured a digital or online entrepreneur called Stuart Ross. I had left these videos sitting in my inbox untouched whilst I had been running about for months trying to earn as much money as I could to support myself and my daughter, saving up for a deposit to put on a flat for the two of us. 

I had been meaning to watch the videos for a while, so whilst still on my Christmas break, I grabbed a cup of tea and opened up the first one. I was soon really intrigued by what I saw. Stuart, who is now my mentor, is a very down to earth but very inspirational man, who a few years earlier had quit his 9 - 5 job to become a hugely successful Internet entrepreneur. He recognised the potential of the Internet very early on and quickly developed a way to use the Internet to make money. Not only did his online business create an 8 figure income, but he managed to find a way of living that gave him more freedom and more time to really enjoy his life, away from the stresses of the 9 - 5 grind. 

Inspired by his success, he then joined together with another successful digital entrepreneur, Jay Kubassek and together they developed an online educational company where students could learn and then apply the techniques that had worked so well for them both, in effect earning whilst they were learning. 

Risk Free - Money Back Guarantee

This was all detailed in the free videos that had been sat in my inbox for so long! So I kept watching one after the other until after a few days I decided to fill in the application to become a member and receive further training in this new online business arena. There was even a risk free money back guarantee so I wasn't worried about taking the step to becoming a member.

online business

I Can Now Work Where and When I Want

That was two months ago and I am now well on my way to becoming an Internet entrepreneur myself with my very own online business. It holds many benefits for me; firstly I need nothing more than an Internet connection and laptop to learn and apply what I have been taught, meaning that I can learn and work from home or anywhere in the world. And as I am learning, I can apply what I have learned in real time, meaning that I can earn whilst I am learning. Secondly the tools and technology of the Internet mean that after the systems have been set up I can have an online business that works for me even whilst I am away from it, meaning that I am able to work smarter rather than harder - in short to stop trading my precious time for money. I can work on the training and business in my own time, so it fits around my current work really well. 

These Benefits Equal One Thing to Me... Freedom!

I am so excited by the vision that I have for my new life and by the opportunities that it holds for me that I am noticing real benefits in my life as a whole. 

The training is extremely comprehensive and easy to follow, which is a big relief as I always considered myself a bit of a technophobe. And threre is a huge community of students and leaders who share and help each other as we all learn together. As I now have a dream for my future, I have been able to find my purpose once more and this in turn is pulling me out of the low mood that I was in. I know that I can use my experiences to help others feel better about themselves and live their life withw more potential. I always dreamed of being a blogger - look at me now! I I am gaining control of my life and having financial and time freedom that my new business allows me will certainly help me to achieve so much more.

If you are interested in seeing the same free videos that I did, just click here and fill in your email address. I know it has really improved my life. It could just help you too! Just try and have a look at them a bit sooner than I did!

My name is Jane and I am a Mum and entrepreneur, who has recently taken the bold step of transforming my life, as I am no longer content with trading my time for money and working in the 9 to 5 rat race. My mission is to empower others by helping them find a better way of living to achieve their ultimate happiness. To find out how you and I could live a life that we could only have ever dared to dream of, click this link.

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