Can a none technical person leverage from the digital economy and create a successful online business?

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My technical background

In October 2016 I created my very first account on a social media platform when I joined Facebook. I joined mostly because I wanted to see what friends, family and acquaintances from the past where up to and be able to reconnect to some of them. Since then I have posted one public post by my own!!


As a guy it is a little bit embarrasing to admit that when it comes to technical stuff, wheather it relates to engines, computers, our heat pump or anything else that involves technic I rely on my wife. It is not so much I am unable to do it but I have absolutely ZERO interest in this area.

So how on earth did I decide to become a digital entrepreneur? Easy - I trust my wife will fix it. 

I´m joking.

The reason

I was feeling stuck on my job and I had lost my motivation so I searched the internet (yes - I know how to do that) for alternative options to create an income. I had no idea what I was looking for. 

On youtube I came across a video regarding affiliate marketing and since I own a construction company with a website (my wife created it) I thought this can be something that I can add to the website promoting carpeting stuff (nails, tools etc) so I signed up to receive a free video series. 

When I received the video series I realized that promoting nails on my website will not provide the income streams I was looking for. Still it was an eye opener as I started to understand the opportunities, opportunities I had absolutely no clue even existed, that comes with the digital economy. With my technical knowledge I still hesitated big time if I really could take advantage of these opportunities BUT at the same time I realized that this is to significant to just ignore. So I did research.

To receive the same video series that I received. Click here.

I emailed and talked to the guy I received my video series from. I searched the internet. I looked on facebook (I can do that to). Everywhere I looked I came across the same message - YOU DONT NEED TO BE A TECHNICAL WIZARD TO SUCCEED ONLINE. Basically if you know how to copy & paste you can do it.  

The solution

So I decided to join the company, SFM, as a member.

Have I had second thoughts about my decision? Absolutely.

Have I felt overwhelmed by the information, tutorials and training included in the membership? Definitely.

Have I felt frustration and doubted my technical knowledge? You bet.

However, step-by-step the fog started to clear. Do I have all the knowledge that is required to succeed online? Not yet - but I know I have access to all knowledge that is required to succeed, through SFM.

Regardless of what niche of the digital market you aim to grab a piece off, the systems, tools, strategies, tactics, knowledge, guidance and support are available to you. With your membership in SFM you also receive access to a community of digital entrepreneurs with knowledge and experience, willing to help you to push through & become successful. 

Have I succeeded in creating an thriving online business? Not yet - but I am convinced that determining factor of my success will not be technical knowledge.  

Thanks & regards,



Co-founder of unlimitedKARMA


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