Online Business vs Traditional Business Model's

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Learn to leverage the power of the internet with a proven business model that does most of the marketing and selling for you...

Internet Business Vs Traditional Business 

If my blog reaches you, I know your someone looking for extra cash from the comfort of your own home. That's great because you're someone that knows the power of the internet!

I'm going to share information about traditional business start-up and the difficulties that come with it.

The start-up cost according to the small business administration is an average of $50,000. Most using their hard-earned savings or borrowing from a bank to get started. Moreover, It takes a 3-5 year commitment to break even according to the Business Administration. 

Then you need, an accountant. Payroll. Building rental, products, and staff just to get started. Also, expenses are monthly. You can see why 90% of business owners fail in a few years.

Would you like to learn the solution to all these problems? GREAT! I knew you would.👆

Leveraging the power of the internet

I know you've heard of Amazon and Uber. On May 12th, 2015 story CNBC calls companies like this industry disrupters.

Uber reshaped car sharing with the use of internet and technology by creating a more effective & faster way to commute. Putting cab companies out of business.

Amazon shut down a lot of traditional businesses by reaching millions of people across the world. By leveraging the power of the internet allows shopping from the comfort of your own home. And now! Amazon has made the way for Entrepreneurs making it even harder for businesses to keep up.

Six Figure Mentors is a digital educational platform. That strikes fear into the corporate world by creating a more simplified and cheaper way to run a business. With tools that allow you to become a CEO without having a staff with the luxury of running a business from your kitchen table.

No need to worry about a website or a product. Our sophisticated software allows you to create custom links for your blogs, and social media sites, enabling you to reach millions by the click of the link.

With your new home-based business you'll enjoy more success with less work by having a business that runs on autopilot. Developing multiple income streams, without the difficulties of starting a business from scratch. You'll save a lot more money and time!

Six Figure Mentors allow you and like so many others to create your own opportunities with over 10,000 digital training videos.

Putting you in a position to quit your job... (9 to 5 hamster wheel)... Living with freedom! A life of self-reliance... Creating a better life not just for you, ultimately, everyone around you also!

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Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog... Your time is appreciated! Every view keeps me motivated.

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