A New Hope

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‘I hope things get better’ - a phrase uttered all over the world on an hourly basis and something we’ve all said either about ourselves or to somebody else. As the economy recovers from the crisis in 2008 and work adds to the pressure, we seem to be struggling more than ever before.

However, there is no way to avoid the ‘I hope things get better’ life if you don’t get the basics right within your business. With the foundations of solid business principles, this mindset leads to things getting even worse because it’s like removing your hand from the steering wheel when things get bad; this will never work.

This being said, you can escape the ‘I hope things get better’ phase and today we want you to reach the ‘I know things will get better’ stage. How? You’re going to start taking the actions that will cause a positive result.

Every day, somebody I know will approach me and talk about their problems. Although I’m happy to listen for a while, eventually I stop them and ask ‘what are you going to do about it?’. Shocked, the natural reaction is for them to cry because it seems as though I’m not paying them any attention. Just as certain as our death at the end though, we’re all going to go through good and bad times because that’s just how it works.

If you have previously heard of the late, great Jim Rohn, you will know he named them the ‘Seasons of Life’. No matter how hard times get though, the only way you will see change is if you get into the habit of taking proactive action. As soon as you do this, you escape ‘I hope things get better’ and enter ‘I know things will get better’. Why? Because you’re doing the things that will make them better; it really is that simple.

Below, we have listed three tips you should do to enter this phase of progression;

Activity Prospecting - Every single day, this is important to get through the cycles of business. Essentially, this is the promise to yourself that things will improve whether you’ve hit a selling slump or lack of ideas in marketing.

Daily Marketing - Following on from the previous tip, get into the habit of marketing daily (no matter how small or simple). Why not play the numbers game for once? If you market daily, you’re eventually going to see results because your name will be out there. The more people see your name, the more sales you will make.

Exposure - In business, ‘who you know’ will only get you so far because eventually you need people to know about you. Around the world, there is a market for your product or service but they cannot buy anything if they don’t know about you. Therefore, you need exposure and people need to know your name, brand, product, service, and everything about you. Once you’ve broken the back of this task, it will snowball and profits will start to grow.


Even if you’re reading this as a precaution, I will warn you right now; things will get challenging on your journey. If you doubt me, ask somebody at the top of your niche because they didn't get there without enduring the tough times and without failing somewhere along the way. Rather than ‘hoping’ things will get better, now is the time to do the things that make them better and it starts with a simple step today. As long as you follow the tips here, you can overcome the mountain and get back on top once again!

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