Are You A Technophobe?

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How to Overcome the Fear of New Technology

undefinedTechnology has crept into just about every aspect of our lives: our personal affairs, relationships, jobs, even our health. As a highly digitized society, most of us embrace this change and wait on edge for the next best product to be released.

For some people, technology is advancing at an alarming rate. We are taking too much in at once without stopping to catch our breath. This information surplus can be so overwhelming that it’s easier to resist technology than it is to embrace it.

What is the issue?

For those of us who use technology on a daily basis and can’t fathom the idea of “unplugging” from it, a tech-related phobia seems a bit naive. But technophobes have real, legitimate concerns that prevent them from going digital.

The two main arguments against technology are that it’s a security risk and that it’s an invasion of privacy. We have made monumental strides in areas like cybersecurity and surveillance, but unfortunately, not all tech users are interested in the greater good. There are always those bad apples who are going to use technology as a weapon, to commit fraud or identity theft.

Technology is also scary because it’s intangible in nature. We can take action so quickly that we hardly ever stop to think about it. We send, receive, and store mass amounts of information on a daily basis really knowing what the information process is. Is this a trustworthy site? Is this internet connection secure? What is Wifi and “the cloud” anyway?

Another problem is that once people do embrace technology, they become dependent on it. More and more workers are starting to telecommute, reducing the need to have a physical presence in the office. While this might increase work-life balance, it leaves a user more vulnerable if there is a glitch or malfunction in one of their devices. Technology also reduces the quality of communication that we have with others in our personal and professional lives. Though we are able to speak to a greater audience, the impact of our message is diluted.

None of this is to say that technology is bad, harmful, or the bane of human existence. It just means that, as a highly digitized society, we have to learn to balance our relationships with our devices.

Overcoming Technophobia

Whether we are ready to accept it or not, technological advancement isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We have seen major breakthroughs across a number of industries, like e-commerce, healthcare, financial institutions, and customer service.  

undefinedThere is a TON of information online that is at your disposal for free. The internet isn’t merely a collection of distractions – it’s also a giant database. Someone trying to pick up new skills can easily access free tutorials and how-to videos with minimal research. You can even take free online classes if there is a subject you would like to explore or brush up on.

One of the biggest benefits of using technology is networking. We have instant access to all of our family and friends and to a community of internet users who help each other. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information in front of you. All of us had to learn how to use technology at some point in our lives. Additionally, most companies have opted into using some sort of chat feature for tech support. If you’re on a website and feeling lost, you can seek immediate help without ever having to pick up the phone.

The most important advice you can give a technophobe is to stop resisting change. Whether its Microsoft Office or a new Facebook account, the only way you’re going to get comfortable with technology is by starting to use it. Though it might feel like we’ve come a long way, there is still a long road ahead of us. Each day we learn how to “talk” to technology more fluently, allowing it to shape our present and our future. It is time for us to accept the inevitable and learn to co-exist with our digital counterparts before we get left behind.

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