How do You Start an Online Business?

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How Do You Start an Online Business?

What does starting an online business involve, and where do you learn how to do it? Do you need to have extensive knowledge about computers and the internet in order to have a successful online business? 

The truth is, you do not need to start with much online or computer knowledge, to be a successful digital marketer. Many people have started off without knowing much more than the basics and now have a successful online business. With general computer knowledge, skills can be learned. It is not rocket science, but depending on your level of internet and computer knowledge, it could be a learning curve. However, it is mostly a willingness to do the work, and once the groundwork is established, it becomes less time consuming and can offer the ability to earn an income around the clock, even when you're not working.

 Benefits of Starting an Online Business 

  • Ability to work from anywhere as long as there are a computer and an internet connection. 
  • Ability to incrementally grow your business while still working in your current job.
  • Ability to build your own business, with the possibility of unlimited potential, rather than working for someone else.
  • Can be less time consuming after initial groundwork is done.
  • Automated earnings, which means there is the ability to earn an income 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even while you are not at work.
  • Once established, more choices and freedom on how to live your life.

 What Are Some Requirements of Starting an Online Business?

Being consistent. Starting a successful online business requires commitment and the decision to do the work.  It is not a get rich overnight proposition, and time-frame of success depends on the individual and the quality of time they invest. However, as mentioned above, once the initial groundwork is done, much less time and energy are required, and the benefits can be lucrative.

  • Success is directly related to the ability to stay focused and follow through, and most importantly to keep at it and not give up.
  • Requires some initial and ongoing investment of time, resources, and commitment. Just like any business, some investment is necessary.

Do I Need to Have a Product to Sell to Be an Online Marketer? 

 You do not need to have a product to be a successful online marketer. Online marketers often choose to do affiliate marketing, which basically means they advertise other company’s products and get paid a commission when they sell them. Affiliate programs allow individuals the ability to market for one, or a variety of different companies, and commissions are earned when products are sold. It can be helpful to choose products that you know about or believe in so that your enthusiasm and honest interest comes through. New marketers can be surprised to know how many companies have affiliate programs, that are often open to those who sign up for them.  Many companies even provide assistance with sales funnels, etc.

Some companies provide big-ticket items, which means more expensive items are sold with larger commissions.  Others offer smaller commissions but can provide a steady stream of income that adds up. Remember that people buy online around the clock and worldwide, and smaller commissions can add up with a high volume of sales.

 Some People Do Choose to Create Their Own Products...


Some people create their own products to sell online. This is another form of online marketing that can be very profitable as well. Individuals may opt to sell these products on their own online stores, or through platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and others. Many choose to have their products created by manufacturers in places such as China, where products can be made inexpensively.

 How Do I Get More Information on How to Start an Online Business?


There are various options for learning about how to start an online business. I tried the free route initially by watching "how to" YouTube videos. However, I found that this was not enough to learn, build, and sustain a successful online business. So after researching for some time, I chose a company called Six Figure Mentors (SFM), for reasons I have outlined below.  SFM offers a free on-demand workshop and video series, that provides information on how online business works. This allows those interested to make an educated decision without an initial investment. 

What Six Figure Mentors (SFM) Offers

  • Extensive education, covering every aspect of online marketing.
  • Pre-made sales funnel, that can help students to start earning an income as they are learning.
  • Step-by-step modules with clear, concrete steps, including LinkedIn Learning certification courses. These courses are in addition to the modules, and they provide information about any aspect of sales & marketing.
  • One on one, and group mentoring and coaching.
  • A supportive online community, and many live and in person workshops and events, that take place globally throughout the year, as well as daily, live webinars. 
  • In addition to tactical and practical information, teaches a mindset of success. Understanding the core levels of the mindset allows us to create a more lasting success at a deeper level. 


My Experience

I decided to start an online business a few years ago when my sons were getting older and would soon be leaving home… This got me thinking about what the next chapter in my life would be.  I still enjoy my career as a social worker, working with families, children, and individuals, but I started to feel a sense of needing something more for my future. I had a good life, and I love my family, but I always had the feeling of wanting something more in life than being in one career and working until I retire. I felt like breaking free of the "normal" expected patterns and living a life that felt more exciting and authentic to me, and this feeling became stronger over time.

Seeking Freedom & Choices...

I wanted to create an avenue that would allow more freedom and choices in my life. If I were to change nothing about what I was doing, I wondered how many years I would need to be in my job in order to be comfortable financially when I retire? And when that happened, would I be able to afford the things I love to do, such as traveling and having fun experiences with loved ones?  Would I be young and vital enough to enjoy life?

How do I Create Another Stream of Income?

But ... the thought of getting another job to create an additional stream of income was not an option. I did not need or want another job to tie me down, to trade more of my time to some organization, for money. What I wanted was to create another stream of income on my own time, and in my own way, from wherever I wanted to be. These decisions about what I wanted for my life is what led me to explore an online business. 

Through my research, I realized that working online would allow me to develop a business while I am still in my job. I can work from anywhere with an internet connection, and to have the ability to earn a potentially unlimited income. Six Figure Mentors (SFM), has been a vehicle to allow me to get the education I need, to start a successful online business.

Can I do it?

I was intrigued, but we as also concerned that I knew little about the internet, social media, or the inner workings of computer technology. I could get around a computer and work with the programs required for my job, but I didn't have much other training in this area. However, I knew that I could learn anything that I put my mind to, as long as I stuck with it. 

I have found that it does require consistency and a desire to keep at it, even when things get challenging. So if you are someone who gives up when you hit a roadblock, you may want to stick with the more traditional career path. However, if you can stay engaged and keep at it, life can really open up and offer freedoms that you may not have thought were possible for you.

I am now building an online business and have options and choices for my life that would not have been possible before. It is empowering to be able to make decisions that open me up to many possibilities, and the freedom of choice.

By Andrea Carin Pirsch, LICSW                           
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

A Note About the Author…
Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an online entrepreneur. She works with children and families in the suburbs of Minneapolis Minnesota, and her passion is inspiring people to empower themselves with more ease and flow in their lives, by mastering the principals of The Law of Attraction.
In addition to her work as a social worker, Andrea started an online business to create more freedom and choices in her life. She loves helping people who also desire more freedom, to learn how to create their own digital business. Anyone who is interested in learning how to start an online business can find information by clicking on the banner below or visiting Andrea's digital business website. 



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