COMFORT ZONE ... To Be or Not To Be...What To Be?

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Like every molecule in the world also each of us strives for balance and balance bring us in our comfort zone, where we can sail in calm water and feel protect. But, does this give us what we really want? 99% no. Then we can Be or Not To Be in our comfort zone, but it depend of What we Want To Be!


What is Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone is like the internal soul of a big trunk of a tree: our life is trunk of the tree, but if we live only in our confort zone, we live only the 20% of our life! The 80% of people remain all their life in their confort zone, 30% of then never know tha the rest exist, the other 70% know it, but only 50% of them try to expand theit life in it and only 30% of them are successful in their effort! Incredible!

Like a molecula that change its status, to go out of our comfort zone needs energy, that we use to stretch the border membrane first and then to break it and finally be out of it. But we we are successful in this process it is no finish! When we are out of the comfort zone, we automatically start to search again to reach a new balance and when we reach it we have built a new expanded, bigger and more rich comfort zone, that give our a more intensive life, more opportunities, more successful and more freedom! Uao! Amazing!

How to go out of comfort zone?

The start point of this process is only a simple and short question: "What I want?" When we answer to this question, we automatically know the direction we have yo follow and so the part of membrare we have to start to strech. So what stop us to be successful in this process? For sure the lack of an Action Plan, which give use the right steps to do and the right level of energy and resources to spend. If we only improvise instead of plan, we wil be only 10% effective in our action, so the results will seen really impossible to reach. It makes think that when you search "comfort zone" keyword for example between photos on th web, results are 80% photos of challenges, take a look to video below, that is because our mind automatically made a relation between fatigue, work and effort we have to do and dream we have to reach.

I want to give you 2 example I personally live in my life concerning my Comfort Zone:

First is about my work and incomes: I'm 41 now and in past years I lived in a perfect comfort zone; I have a good job and good incomes, so I could remain in that zone forever, or at least till something change in worst, but I have dreams,dreams to help some children in the world, dreams that don't belong to my comfort zone, so I start to search for a Solution. Solution in my case was improve my work and incomes using one of the most powerful marketing sistem in the word, that allow me, give me the right tools (ABC...To Reach Freedom & Financial Success) to break the membrane and buid my New Life Choose for the future, so I'm reaching my goal, better work-lifestyle and more incomes, and step by step I'm realizing my dream.

Second is about my fitness. I never was fat or ill, I always had a balance concerning my fit form, but I was aware that I can feel better, it means that I desired to feel more strong and healty. So I start to search the way, and from one site I become an expert on natural way of healing, in particulare concerning use of essential oils and ask to a personal trainer to help me, cause I'm no able to do it by myself. This is the demostration that always to go out of our comfort zone, we need help, we need to find a way to have new tools to support our process of changing. So we have to ask to an expert and no do by ourself, to no lose money and time.

In conclusion: we have only one life and what is more amazing and exiting to live it on 100%? Nothing! Take a breath and start to dream, then find the way to explore how fantastic life is out of your comfort zone! You will never want to cme back in!

Think BIG, act BIG and enjoy BIG!

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