Creating a Laptop Life is not Rocket Science

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Creating a Laptop Life is not rocket science, you just need to market your business in the right way, and wasting little money in doing so.

  So what is a Laptop Life? Who's doing this, and why?

So let’s start from the beginning, on 6th August 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world. 25+ years on, the Internet has allowed people like you and me to Search & Download Information, and more commonly purchase Goods & Services via e-Commerce. You could say there has been small progress over the years, but one giant movement has meant that over 3 billion people are now Online on this Planet!

3 billion people and growing! This means a small shop in a high street can now open their Virtual doors and have potentially millions of potential customers. Does this mean the high street will soon be a thing of the past? If everyone will start to move to purchasing online instead of travelling. Potentially this could happen, and those without a Web presence will be left behind.

Now, where does what we do come into all of this?

Well, it takes a little bit of an entrepreneur inside us to think about this for a second. We have a global movement, a shift on how we buy. Amazon is a perfect example of this when we want something, we go to their Online Marketplace (shop) and within a 1-click process, you can have your item delivered by next day. And wait for it, within the hour soon with Drone Delivery being developed!

Now, if we continue at this rate there will be no need to leave your house for your consumables!

It is not just the youngsters doing this, nearly all people of all ages & geographical location are doing this, all because technology is making this available to us whether we’re at home, on the bus in a station wherever.

This means we too have diversity who come into our Online Business from students wanting to earn extra money part-time, existing business owners wanting to grow their existing customer base, and people like myself who recognise that if you don’t do something productive online you will be left behind!

All you need is the right business tools & software; the right mentoring and guidance to show you how to set-up your Website, tell you what has worked for many over the past few years in attracting new customers to your site and wanting to know more about what you do and what products you want to sell. As long as you have VALUE running through the course of your messages people will respond to your messages much better.

And the more positive responses you get the more profitable your Online Business will get.

So you might not have anything to sell personally but there is Amazon Affiliate programme where you get paid commission % for promoting other people's products!

That is it in a nutshell. Yes, it will take you time to learn new skills, yes it will mean investing time and your money into getting it up & running. Like most small businesses the initial investment put into the right way can pay off and top-up that monthly income, or for the serious Online Business owners quit their day job!

Now, I mentioned this was a Laptop Life so I’m going to close the lid on my computer now and look forward to seeing you on the Inside!

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paul boorman

Digital Marketing Specialist

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