Digital Freedom - Leveraging the Internet

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Digital Freedom

Hello readers, this is my first blog post in my 29 years and thought I would begin by introducing myself. So, I am a hairstylist in my 15th year (yes I started young) I currently live in Dubai but am originally from Liverpool, England. I have also been to university twice first time nursing, it wasn’t for me the second-time business management which was for me. Also in my 15 years of hairdressing I have worked in sales, had a cleaning business, freelance hairdressing and many more. So, that is a little about my work life and myself and you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with digital freedom. Well this blog is about how I found the tools I need to create my own online business.

In recent years’ technology is growing so fast and is ever present in most of people’s lives, it is taking over people’s jobs therefore leaving the future looking bleak for a lot of us. In general people are negative about it and complaint but there is another side to this digital era that most are missing.

It is this part that had me looking for solutions for future job security but not only that time freedom and the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur. I have worked for myself a lot over the years and it is the life I prefer.

After moving to Dubai and only doing hairdressing which has never happened before I realised what am looking for isn’t here in Dubai so I started to look around the wed and came across and education system that taught how to leverage al this technology, the digital economy and the internet to make money. I thought I have nothing to lose so I signed up.

After watching the FREE 7-day video series I realise this was the opportunity I was looking for. It offered along with the education, step by step guidance, the tools to become an affiliate and to earn while you learn. I was immediately interested and haven’t looked back sinceI realised that by taking advantage of this education that not only can I maybe make money online, a business online, even quit my job, have time freedom but it is invaluable information I can teach my children (when I have some) as this will be their future.

The FREE 7-day video series  is a great way for you to find out what it is all about and what is even better is that it is free. From watching the videos, you will know whether this opportunity is also what you are searching for or not so why not give it a try I didn’t and I haven’t looked back.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog, YAY! Keep a look out for my next one.

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