Future business trends to take advantage of

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"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The greatest entrepreneurs are the ones who always think ahead. They pay attention to the business trends within their environment, anticipate the next move, prepare themselves for the impending event, and then strike when the time is right. It takes some effort to do this, but the rewards are entirely worth the time! If you know what you're looking for it makes the process faster and more efficient.

This strategy does not only apply to businesses and entrepreneurs. You can use the same strategy to emerge victorious from an unfavorable event.

An example of a stellar visionary taking advantage of future trends

Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist and philanthropist who knew exactly how to take advantage of impending changes in his environment. By the time the 2nd Industrial Revolution hit, he was ready and prepared with the knowledge and skills to start his steel business. The industry had changed to his advantage, where steel was replacing iron. Once he had his foot in the door, he combined his business processes, with an exceptional sense of timing, acquiring steel assets in every economic downturn and acquired substantial wealth. Talk about taking advantage of unfavorable events!

Trends to watch out for

1. Economic changes


We are currently experiencing the harsh reality of how economic changes can bring us all to our knees. Once thriving businesses are filing for bankruptcy, CEOs are stepping down from their positions and the pressure is on in general, worldwide.

Yet there are businesses thriving during this time. The ones profiting the most are online businesses, where contact between customer and merchant is limited to the person doing the delivery.

Savvy business managers would have taken advantage of this trend a long time ago, and adapted their business strategy, to integrate an online platform.

How can you take advantage of this now?

Pay attention to forward projections

Smart business managers are re-strategizing to adapt to a new way of life post-pandemic. Pay close attention to the news or even just general public talk, and you will soon become aware of what type of businesses will thrive after the pandemic.

A smart way to take advantage of these changing behaviors is to look ahead and assess what effect this changing environment will have on companies post-pandemic and get your foot in the door now.

For example, the lack of medical supplies for those with no health insurance may be the impetus to more people choosing healthcare plans, boosting healthcare business's revenues. You may want to take advantage of that and invest in great healthcare companies with an excellent track record.

There are several opportunities out there. Choose companies you know and love and consider their future prospects. Make sure you understand exactly what they do and how well they do it before you invest. Do your due diligence.

It is a company's leadership that determines its success, not the product or service. Pay close attention to what CEOs and execs are saying. There are going to be some new opportunities that will emerge after the pandemic. And certain businesses will thrive after the recovery period.

Invest in reliable dividend-paying stocks from companies whose leadership is preparing the change in environment. Current economic changes will open new doors for novice investors.

2. Changing environment


Now we see a huge change in the way business is being conducted. Some businesses may change their policies permanently and give employees a choice to work from home, or even remodel into an exclusively online business, saving costs for businesses and employees alike.

With products such as Zoom suddenly skyrocketing in popularity, investors who saw an opportunity for the online office environment Zoom provides have scored!

Slowly people have changed their habits, adapting to an online world. The lockdown has forced people to change their habits, and these habits may stick around long after the economy recovers. The Washington Post states that even before the crisis, 9300 brick and mortar businesses have closed their doors, with customers preferring to buy online.

How can you take advantage of this now?

Create a passive income online from scratch with no experience

CEOs argue that what we are seeing comes as no surprise, as it is simply a rapid acceleration of current trends. Business and customer habits are changing to that of an online environment. So why not make your own online presence known while making a passive income! Click the links and find out how to take advantage of this trend.

3. Emerging markets

Since the world is shifting to an online arena, emerging markets such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, Nanotechnology, 3D Printing, and Space Mining is sure to make a faster approach to a more accepting public.

Less technical (but just as necessary) emerging markets such as Vertical Farming and Solar/Renewable Energies will also provide ample opportunities for early adopters looking to find new and exciting career opportunities.

How can you take advantage of this now?

Gain some knowledge of the emerging markets

It is advantageous to gain some knowledge in whatever emerging markets interest you, as they are sure to transpire in the near future. Consider whether these emerging markets will affect your current job and if you can take advantage of that. If you're currently unemployed, you'll know what to study for the doors of opportunity to thrust open for you. Updating your knowledge is essential to remain pertinent in a rapidly changing environment.

Jobs to do with data and analytics are in demand for current and future job seekers. The expanding online environment means that there will be more demand than supply in this industry. And when there's more demand than supply, there's more leverage to negotiate higher compensation, making you a very valuable commodity employer.

These emerging markets will undoubtedly seep its way into any and all industries, with our increased dependence on technological advancements. The transition to an even greater technologically advanced world will not be easy for those who are not prepared. We can all learn a valuable lesson from Andrew Carnegie......spot the opportunity and start preparing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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