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Wow!  I've just read an article on the incredible effects of ginger.  Medical research conducted by numerous agencies, have confirmed the beneficial effects of ginger in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancer.

The health benefits of ginger have been used for hundreds of years.  However, it is becoming growingly popular due to its anticancer effects.  Studies have proved that the root destroys cancer cells in the three types of cancer, and experts claim that it is more effective than chemotherapy.

The ginger root not only destroys the cancer cells, but it also does not effect healthy cells, as in the case with chemotherapy.  Therefore ginger provides a healthy and non-invasive additional treatment for these types of cancer.

Additionally, ginger is not toxic, does not have any side effects, and does not trigger drug resistance.  In the case of ovarian cancer, for example, the cancer cells are not able to become resistant to the effects of the compounds found in ginger.

As the properties of ginger are beyond any doubt, it is recommended that we incorporate ginger into our daily diets, consuming 4 grams for an adult.  However if pregnant, consuming 1 gram daily.


Isn't it amazing that we already have everything that we need, on our beautiful and wonderful planet.

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