Is Your Job Making You Unhappy?

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There are a lot of reasons why one can be happy. But one thing is being happy for the moment and a particular reason, and another thing is to reach deep inside your soul and ask the question: Am I happy? Don't over-react or instantly go into a depression mode if you find this simple question becoming too overwhelming, because is not. 

We are all here in this earth and created for this simple purpose: to be happy... for the pursuit of happiness. So if that is the case, there has to be a point in time when this hapiness that we so much aspire to have is attainable...and it is. The problem is that we don't work at maintaining this status.

Think for a simple moment; when was the last time you had that feeling of contentment, and when did it disappear? What caused the feeling of hapiness to vanish, if just a while ago you seemed to be full with joy? 


Most of us, especially at work go through the motions of being happy, unhappy, happy, unhappy, happy, get the point...That is because at work our circumstances are always changing, and of course this applies at home, at school, in life itself. Before I tell you how you can maintain the happy status continuously consider taking a few minutes to see what did it for me. Click on the link below and see how I solved the unhapiness problem for me at work.

If you have been reading my blogs you probably learned I held a job for almost 30 years, a few more years and I would have retired from that job, yet, a simple decision like the one of just submitting my e-mail address and learning about a job that promised a more fulfilling life changed it all.

This new job taught me about discipline, about believing in myself, but most of all to learn about being happy with my job, and what I do for a living. 

If you still haven't had the opportunity, or decided to take a peek at what it is, here is another chance:

I will not stretch this too long, and I will just give you the secret to be happy continously. The answer is all about progress. If you don't feel like you are making progress in any undertaking, whether is losing weight, making money, in your relationship, etc, you will never feel you have a fullfilled life in which you are happy. Ahh, but that has to be taught. 

Learn how to make progress, have discipline, and live a happy life. Making progress is taking that first step as I did.

PS   If you come to a point in your career when the circumstances are not all favorable. Save my links, it may save you 30 years of working for a company, and then realizing it wasn't for you after all. That would be unhappiness...

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