How To Add A Sitewide Logo In OptimizePress

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I can't add a Site-Wide Logo In Optimise Press.

I was creating a new website with OptimizePress and found that, even though I had uploaded a logo image in the Global Settings, it was not automatically appearing in the logo area of the page template that I had used to create the website.


I had already manually created well over eighty pages of content at this point and didn't want to go through every page again just to upload a logo. It would have taken hours of tedious work.

I contacted OP support and they advised me that I could download a plugin to fix this.

Some further research on the web led me to this article which discusses and addresses this very problem. They explain that the Global Settings logo option only autopopulates the logo field if you are creating new OP pages with a blank template. This is far from intuitive. A little help icon hoverbox might be a useful thing for them to add in the Global Settings to explain this.

The plugin I was advised to install is called "OptimizePress Sections Override" and can be downloaded here at GitHub.

Once uploaded, the plugin creates a new menu option as highlighted n the screenshot:


I had to manually upload my logo to one of the pages I had created ie the member's home page, using the OptimizePress Live Editor, as shown in the screenshot:


From there, you use the "Section Override" menu to select the page that contains the manually uploaded logo. You then select all the other pages that you want to apply the header logo to.

Just tick the "Header and Navigation" option, then click "Overwrite sections".


That's all there is to it. Now my logo appears on all those other pages that I selected.

I hope that this tutorial saves you a lot of time and aggravation when branding your OptimizePress website in the future.

Dr Brad.

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