How to change your Midlife Crisis into a Midlife Transition

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I’m almost 43, and I cannot lie, the last 2 years have been difficult!

There’s been a growing anxiety around the direction my life has taken and all the paths I’ve not yet tried. I’m no longer a young man and yet I’m not old, but I am becoming aware that I have less and less really "big moves" available to me.

Welcome to this, seldom spoken of period: “Middle Age”

I found this amazing definition for our condition:

“Middle Age is the point in your life when you shift from seeing the Future in terms of your Potential and begin to see it in terms of your Limitations. It’s a shift that’s so slow, so incremental, that we don’t even notice it on a day-to-day basis.”  Victorina O. Acero

The danger here is; we can get stuck in the habit of only looking at our Limitations and forgetting about our Potential, this can lead to an ever-shrinking cage we end up living in.

Let’s be honest; no, we’re not 25, and thankfully so! (I really don’t want to go back to the insecurities and uncertainties of my 20s,) but at the same time we’re not 85 either, so to completely limit yourself by saying; “what I’ve got at this point in my life is what I have to work with”, is a recipe for disaster.

You owe it to yourself not to give up on your dreams!

How to change your Midlife Crisis into a Midlife Transition

To be sure; there are some dreams that have become unattainable at this point in life, and I think it’s an important part of Midlife, to mourn the Loss of Youth. 

On some of our dreams the “Ship has definitely Sailed”, but not on all of them.

How to change your Midlife Crisis into a Midlife Transition

Your Past Trajectory will not take you to your Dreams however, or else you would have reached them already.

The Person you’ve been up to now, will not take you there. To reach your Goals, you’re going to have to Do something you’ve never done before and Be someone you’ve never been before.

One Limitation we have to come to terms with is Time. 

No, we don’t have the luxury of going to University for 5 years to Change Career or Reskill. Any change we make, at this age, has to be efficient and have maximal impact, you need to be able to learn-on-the-go and ideally earn-while-you-learn.

As part of my Midlife Transition, I've decided to seriously Reskill.  There's a whole Online World I've not really tapped into yet, sure I can do Facebook & YouTube, but there's all this other stuff that I'm missing out on!

I’ve found an amazing Educational Institution that not only teaches Important Digital Skills, but also Mentors in the Creation of a Successful Digital Business Online through the process of Affiliate Marketing, and at the same time, focussing on Mindset-Change.

Success begins in your Mind!

Who you think you are,

What you believe you have to give to the World,

What you think you Can and Cannot do;

all these things determine your Place in the World.

How to change your Midlife Crisis into a Midlife Transition

“When I change, the World changes…”

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