How to leverage technology and time management for Personal Development

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In a world where technology now does so many tedious tasks for us it seems incredible that we still use the excuse “I don’t have time”, whether to ourselves or others. I know I’ve done it! We are working harder, for longer hours, commuting further and generally trying to cram more into our days than ever before. Finding time to work on personal development can be a frustrating challenge. However people in these hectic times who achieve their goals, maintain their hobbies, work on their fitness and still get enough sleep manage to do so by using their time smarter and more efficiently, and so can you.

When leveraging time management to allow for personal development there is one great advantage that almost all of us start with - in this digital age pretty much everyone has at least one piece of “mobile” technology that can be attached to headphones (or bluetooth for cord and hands free!). These include MP3 players, tablets, laptops, mobile phone, etc. With a little prep work these can be utilised along with time management to get your personal development goals back on track.

Some examples of how to apply this:

· Do you sit in the car or train for half an hour or more on a monotonous journey to/from work? Why not listen to a podcast on personal development on the way.

· Do you spend 20 minutes on your laundry? Why not listen to an informative segment related to one of your hobbies while you hang/fold clothes.

· Do you take time to water your garden/tidy the house/walk your dog? Why not learn a new language via audio lesson at the same time.

· Do you stand around idly while you brush your teeth and wash up before bed? Why not listen to some soothing music to wind down while you’re at it.

By utilising technology and your time more efficiently not only can you get ahead, but also ensure that there is room to schedule the essential (but often over-looked) “down time” to relax, reflect and recover, thereby allowing yourself to be in the best possible condition to take on the world.

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