I Don't Have Time to Build an Online Business

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I Don't Have Time to Build an Online Business by

Mel Clarke

I am always hearing people say 'I don't have time to build an online business'. So, not having enough time to start a business or an online business, is a common and real objection. It's one that I've used myself many many times, and sometimes it feels like there definitely isn't enough hours in the day. Especially if you're still working full-time, which while I'm writing this, I still am whilst doing my online business. It's a challenge! Especially if you've got kids, juggling everything, running a house, if you've got a partner, working full-time. There are so many family commitments and so many things that can vie for our time.

I've been trying various things over the years and I think ultimately the time objection is a load of crap! undefinedBecause if you think about people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Alan Sugar, Elon Musk, all these sorts of people, they've only got the same amount of time in the day as we do. And you might think, well yeah they've got loads of money and people can do all their stuff for them, but not in the early days and actually these people work long hours as they are passionate about what they stand fo

They've all started from nothing, but I think ultimately what I've learned over the years is that it all comes down to:

a) The right timing, or are you now able to think about prioritizing your time? and

b) Are you willing to trade some of the stuff that you fill your hours with now into actually focusing on a business or an online business?

So you're here because you've clicked on the link from my email or found me in Google. I think that the main message I can give you is, if you are sitting there thinking you haven't got time, then just think about what you're filling your time with at the moment. What are you doing in the evening or weekends? Do you sit there watching TV, go to the gym or do you go out socializing or running around after the kids? Maybe you are looking after a parent or running some clubs or events. 

If you're sitting there thinking, well you know, I watch my soaps, or I watch this or that, and I love my box sets and Netflix of an evening and all that jazz, yes that's all lovely, but is it going to get you where you want to get to?

You've clicked on this blog for a reason. Your looking for something else. You're hoping that there's something else out there for you. To be blunt you have to have a truthful coversation with yourself and ask yourself how serious you are. If you're sitting there feeling uncomfortable about the fact that you haven't got time, then quite probably the timing isn't right for you right now, and that is absolutely fine.

However you have to get to a point where it's like, you know what? nothing else matters! The goal of time and financial freedom is so great that you don't care how much time you need to dedicate or how long it will ultimately take. 

On a personal front I work sometimes 60 hours a week in my job and sometimes not, I'm on the road a lot, but when I come home I get dinner started for me and my son, and then I'm back on the laptop at whatever time that might be. It might be 7:00 or 8:00, and I stay there till 11:00 or 12:00 some nights. And for me, right now, it isn't a chore, because I am loving what I'm doing. I'm loving getting this sorted, and I know what the ultimate goal is. I can see exactly where this is taking me and finally, after a long time of trying, I know that this is gonna be my financial freedom. That to me is the ultimate. To be able to sack the boss, and then have time and the creativity just to think about and experience various different things. I'm into music, singing, photography, travel and that for me is bigger than any TV show or any going out and getting pissed or whatever else might be demanding my attention.

Don't get me wrong, I still go out and socialize. I'm not cutting myself off from life, because that's pointless. I still see my family and friends, and yes I watch a little bit of tele, but it is just a little bit, and I will record programs on the planner. I've got Sky, and watch it when I'm eating my dinner, perhaps half an hour's worth of something, then stop it and get back on the laptop. My lovely son does the washing up :) That might sound like hell to you, and if it does, then that's fine. I think ultimately though, if time is an objection for you, you have to think about the amount of time that you're spending on other things and what is most important to you right now.

If it's not building a business for yourself and building financial freedom, because the time is not quite right, then great. But if there's something really burning in you, then if I was you I would start looking at what your priorities are and what you can easily let go that's not going to be detrimental to you at all. Even if you can only muster up an extra five hours a week in the beginning it's a start. Believe me, I didn't start working as many hours as I'm now working on this business in the beginning. It was a few hours and I got sidetracked and all the rest of it, but now I'm just full on because I can just see the end goal.

As always, if you've got any questions, drop me an email at hello@laptoplifeonline.com and I'll get straight back to you. Or you can visit my site at www.laptoplifeonline.com to get more information and receive the same 7 day video series that kick started me in to the Rest of My Life!

Love and Light,

Mel x  


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