Key Differences Between Apple and Windows

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Microsoft or Mac?

There's a huge divide between die hard fans of both operating systems. Some swear by Microsoft while others swear their allegiance to Mac. But really, at the end of the day, what's the big difference?

To understand which brand and operating system are right for you, it might help to know about the differences between the two products.

The basics

Windows is the graphic operating system created and sold by USA based company, Microsoft, whereas Apple OS is developed by Macintosh. Both of these tech giants have been co-ruling the market since their inception. Where Windows is ubiquitous because of its user oriented features, Apple OS tends to be favored due to its innovative features and security. These two rivals have many differences between them which are important for someone just getting started out in online business should know.



The general disposition toward Apple OS that its prices are higher than Windows OS because it's believed that the quality is better. Many Windows users even refer to the extra cost as "Apple tax." Generally, the price of a Windows PC averages around $500 whereas a Mac OS laptop or iPad starts at around $800. Macs OS clarifies that because of expensive manufacturing parts, the price becomes excessive, but experts suggest that it is just another smart strategy of this giant developer that has slowly made Apple OS a status symbol.

Customer support

Windows customer support is widely considered to be better than that of Apple. With a Windows machine, a user can take it to nearly any repair shop they choose, whereas with Apple, an appointment must be made at an official Genius Bar Apple Location to not void your Mac's warranty. The good thing with apple is that if the product malfunctions, Apple can make repairs in-house as they manufacture all of their machines themselves. With Microsoft, this is not necessarily the case.


There are fewer Mac's being used than there are Windows computers. By nature, Macs are less prone to security threats. Apple also prides itself on its security development team which is constantly working to develop technologies to prevent security risks. On the other hand, Window’s OS has always been a soft target for hackers. Third party security software is often needed to protect your computer. However, they are making huge strides in security development and are slowly but surely catching up with Mac’s OS.


Microsoft only manufactures software and leaves hardware production to other companies like Acer, Lenovo, HP, etc. These companies make hardware that is compatible with Windows, and this gives customers a larger variety of hardware to choose from according to their preference. Conversely, Apple manufactures both software and hardware that leaves customers with a handful of options to select from. However, some argue that because both hardware and software are made by Apple, their compatibility is superior to that of Microsoft.

Windows proves exceptional for die-hard gamers

Windows has the important feature of adaptability that makes it possible for die-hard gamers to stay up to date by using the latest graphic cards.

Apple rules creativity

Apple OS is the biggest name when it comes to creativity. In fact, it is the trend setter and market leader, as it is known for its creative and innovative software. These are the features that give Apple a leg up over any other player in the market including Windows.


Windows are widely available in the market, and they are the first choice for users when it comes to the selection of operating system This is because it is user-friendly and can be used by a novice in computer technology. Apple computers are only sold by Apple stores, and Apple approved partners.

Similarities between Apple OS and Windows OS

Fluent in common file types – Both systems are fluent in running common file types such as PDF, Jpeg, png, mp3, mp4, etc.

External Compatibility – Mac and Windows are both compatible with most of the same devices like printers, scanners, keyboards, etc.

User-friendly – While both operating systems are very different, they're both considered to be very user-friendly. As with anything new, both systems take some time to get used to, but due to the logic built into both, learning either is a breeze.

Both are best – There's no clear-cut winner between the two. Both have obvious pros and cons, and it's up to the end user to decide which OS is best for them.

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