LIFE (a combination of moments)

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LIFE has many faces and is a combination of moments. Life, in short, is a sum total of the good, the bad and the ugly moments all combined together. Human beings have a tendency of remembering only bad moments and knowingly or unknowingly choosing to forget the good moments.

We may have had ninety-nine percent of great moments but one percent of one isolated bad moment sadly swallows the ninety-nine percent of the great moments and that's human.

Sometimes we may not recognize this but the people who hurt us may not have done so deliberately or rather they may have not planned to do so in many cases and if they did it deliberately in some cases although very rare they soon come back into their senses and they may want to make it right but we may end up not giving them the chance.

Forgiveness for the sake of our own peace of mind is the key to getting back our joy, however, we are not obligated to remain close to them but you can choose to relate with them at arm's length.

We may not realize this but the wronged person and the person who has wronged us both hurt the same if not more.

However, it may be easier said than done but we can choose to be different by choosing to concentrate on the great times we have shared with our families, our loved ones, our neighbours, friends or our workmates and this can be done by choosing to forgive the bad and appreciate the good in people around us and life in general.

Wouldnt life be much easy and stress-free by choosing to savor the great times we have enjoyed in life with our family members, our loved ones and all those we have been privileged to come into contact with?

By choosing to walk this hard but worthy path in life we can avoid unnecessary stress caused by bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness.

Life of forgiveness is much easier than a life of unforgiveness.

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