Marriage like Business is a Marathon

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New Business (Marriage) new hopes and dreams and a perfect business is like a perfect marriage. Everything new is exciting and wonderful and glamourous just like the new digital word we are in now, it's exciting but also scarey at times until you figure it out. Someone who has done it before is the best teacher.

Excitement and newness wears off when you realize the work that has to be done to build a live and a new business. You some times feel less secure, unappreciated and and feelings of dispair set in.

Sometimes you feel like your going through HELL-- keep going this too shall pass. Appreciate and be grateful you have a partner to work things through with.

Real love is when couples have worked through their problems that occured previously personally, family wise and business wise that they learned about themselves and over came.

We can combine the two Love and Business to change the world, we are working with a group of like minded people along with our trainers who are out to help each other grow into the people they really want to be.

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