QUALITY TIME with the ones you love most.

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Spending time with family is one of the most important things that I enjoy doing.

I remember when I was a kid growing up in Northern Ontario the big thing to be involved in was sports.

At that time it seemed to me that the kids were involved in sports, but usually the parents were not at games to watch and encourage their kids in the games that they played.(that's the way it was)

I played a lot of sports while growing up and can only remember once when my father came to a hockey game that I played, or any other game.

My Mother on the other hand did go to quite a few games, especially football games on Friday nights.

While our kids were growing up they were all involved in sports and we were at the games encouraging them on and in some cases we were the coaches.

We knew that it meant a lot to each of them to know we were there and wanted to spend that time in their space with them.

Now our grandkids are involved in sports and things have really changed, some of them live in California.

Its a challenge to be there and watch them but with the new technology of today a lot of their games and compititions are live streamed so we can sit at home and watch them on our laptop computer.

Yesterday we watched our Granddaughter dance in the national championsips in Lake Tahoe. Not quite the same as being there but she knows that we are watching and she is happy about that.

  This is just the way things have evolved since I was a kid, which was many moons ago. With technology the world is a smaller place.

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