Setting The Vision For 2017 Or Is It Intentions?

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My plan for New Year's Eve was to reflect on 2016 and put a vision board together for 2017.  Then my Bestie mentioned that she is doing some reflection work and setting intentions for 2017.  Interesting.... what would the differences be?

With a vision board - at least my way of doing things - I go through magazines and online articles looking for quotes and images of what I would like to see in my life.  These things range from the predictable health & fitness goals to planning how to spend time with "my specials" to career development, investment, hobbies ... you get the idea.

The word intentions has a different connotations to the word visions, and yes, they could overlap and link but I think I may prefer the word intentions.  This speaks of what will be done in the new year, it speaks of action rather than minds eye visions.

So, here we are in 2017 and my vision board is being translated into intentions ... perhaps I have some FOMO going on here, a girl has to be sure she dots all the i's and crosses all the t's.  The theme for the year is all about Achieving My Personal Best ... though I've taken a leaf from my Bestie's book and incorporated intentions into my planning, my vision board will always have a place in my world, it's something which evolves with me as the days and weeks and months go by.

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Happy New Year!  I hope to see you "on the other side".

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