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Nature has a way of surviving no matter what the elements are. It takes a lot of Skill to survive.

Up here in the Muskokas we have pretty harsh winters, with lots of snow which is great for the skiers and snowmobilers and people who enjoy that time of year.

Some of the animals who live in this area especially the white tail deer are well adapted to survive the winters, although it can get to be a great challenge for them to have the skills to survive when the snow is deep and its hard to find food.


We see the deer here all year round and the fawns that come along in the spring. One year while playing golf we had seen a doe and 2 fawns on the golf course.

When I hit my drive into the deep grass on one particular hole, we went down to look for the ball and while walking through the tall grass I almost stepped on one of the young fawns hiding from us in the grass. It really startled me when it emerged from the grass and quickly ran away from me.

The other day I was walking out back of our place and sensed a movement out of the corner of my eye.

I had this strange sensation that somebody or something was watching me. When I looked up about 20 feet away from me was a deer staring at me wondering what I would do, and when I looked around there was another smaller one which I thought was last years fawn. I followed them along in the bush for awhile trying to get a good picture of them until they got farther away and then took of running across the golf course.

Just like in Nature we have challenges in our lives that we have to survive and have the skill to work through them.

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